Can Teeth Heal Themselves?

Did you know that the tooth is the only part of the body that cannot heal itself? Find out why…

Almost all of our body parts are able to heal themselves including our bones, organs and tissues. If you fall over and scrape your knee or break a bone, your body will naturally heal itself. This cannot be said for our teeth. Even after millions of years of evolution the human tooth is unable to heal itself. Why?

A professor at the University of Oslo in Norway has clarified the reason why teeth are unable to heal themselves. ‘Cells are what start the healing process in our bodies, and as tooth enamel consists of 90 percent minerals, there aren’t many proteins and cells there,’ she says. She notes that at the very start of the roots of our teeth we are endowed with cells that can offer just a little amount of repair, but this doesn’t extend up to the crown. And this leaves the better part of the teeth highly exposed to the environment: any slight wear and tear and it is irreparable. Carbonated and acidic drinks are the biggest culprits involved in tooth damage.

Teeth consist of; Dentin, Pulp, Cementum (a protective layer over the roots) and of course Enamel. It is a fact that tooth enamel is the hardest of all substances manufactured by the human body. It is stronger than bone and concrete. With this in mind it would be ignorant to think the body can replace it easily.

Carbohydrates in food and drinks interact with the bacteria in our mouth and create acids. These acids start to break down the enamel, we end up with cavities and a visit to the feared but in most cases friendly dentist. Say a big thanks to saliva as it plays a huge part in fighting and flushing away acids and bacteria in our mouth that if left will have a detrimental effect on our teeth

As teeth are unable to heal themselves it is vital that we take care and time to look after them. Prevention is the key to maintaining a healthy set of pearly whites. Eat well, do not drink beverages with a high amount of sugar or acids and ensure your oral hygiene is both regular and sufficient. A regular trip to the dentist every 6-12 months will ensure that problems are resolved in the early stages.

Remember… Your teeth are strong but they are not invincible.

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