Terrorism: Is It Safe To Travel To Turkey?

The question is not only related to Turkey, it relates to travelling anywhere. With the introduction of low cost airlines, the world is now a much smaller place than ever before. We can reach the other side of the globe in just a few hours, travel its length and breadth in not much more. It is important for us to remember that the unforeseen can happen at any time, in any place and anywhere. I won’t go into specifics but no city is untouched by the hand of those that would wish us ill.

The whole point of terrorism is to terrify us into thinking we cannot and should not continue to live our daily lives. The psychological impact of terrorism is not a by-product, it is the aim of the acts these people perpetrate. They want us to be scared. By asking yourself the question; Is a country safe from terrorism?… you are doing just what they intended. It is now an unfortunate fact that none of us is safe from terrorism. It has become part of our daily news, conversation and makes us fear; it is now woven within the fabric of modern society. This unpalatable truth has been unwittingly aided by modern technology and our natural need to communicate with the world at large, unfortunately the advancement of Social Media while being a force for good has served to advance the cause of those that wish to disrupt our lives with their hate.  What to do?

Statistics show that successful terrorist attacks are very few and far between but, like plane crashes, the event is considered a tragedy and a memorable one that is very newsworthy. What we must remember is that, thankfully, these events do not happen often, yet we will still jump on a plane to take a well earned holiday.

When you look at it as a percentage, the effects of terrorism are tiny when compared to the common incidents we read about in the newspaper; car accidents, aeroplane crashes, gas explosions, shoddy building work and not to mention terminal illnesses. There are deaths every day, in every city, in every town. We still leave our homes, get in our cars, ride on the bus, walk to work and not all arrive at their destination.

Life is cruel and sometimes unexpected but we continue to live our daily lives and travel to see the world for business, pleasure or something we want to do or have done. There is a wonderful world out there and much to be had from its exploration, why should the enjoyment of the many be deterred by the acts of the very, very few.

Terrorism is happening all over the world and is not specific to one country or one faith or any faith at all. ISIS do not represent Muslims or operate solely in Muslim counties, they stand for one thing… terror and its advancement. Turkey is a country which is is both warm and welcoming. The locals are extremely friendly and the Mediterranean coastline is littered with 5 star and boutique hotels that rely on tourism all year round, whether the suburban family on a package holiday or a Russian Oligarch taking a break from his floating palace and all in between.

Just like Spain and other countries in the Mediterranean, Turkey is a full of ex-pats from the UK, Europe and beyond who live here all year round. No one is packing up and moving out; there was a property boom in 2015 which showed the cost of property rose 18.9%, the highest property percentage increase in the world.

The figures vary from statistician to statistician but what is very apparent is that they would all agree that there is more chance of being struck by lightning than to get caught up in a terrorist act, yet we will still go out in a storm. Why would you allow such a minimal possibility stop you from travelling abroad or enjoying what is a beautiful country with beautiful people. Turkey waits for you with open arms and a warm heart. With the advantage of even warmer weather.

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