The Toothbrush that comes with a Phone Application

The world of mobile has certainly evolved over the last few years. Before the mobile phone we could take a walk to the shops while relaxing, taking in the view and our local surroundings. We could pop to the local pub and enjoy socialising without a call demanding you are home in 5 minutes or your dinner is in the dog! I remember holidays when I could complete forget work because people from the office were not calling 10 times a day. Romantic dinners were spent talking to your partner instead of each of you looking at your lap, hands under the table while you check the latest Facebook posts.

The revolution of the mobile phone has ruined our social lives and to some extent our personal lives too. Things will never be the same. Now we are hit with the ever increasingly popular smartphone. My Grandmother has one and she is 87! I am not saying my Grandmother can use her phone but in her words she likes the colour of it.

With smartphones comes applications. There seems to be an application for almost everything. I am still waiting for the application that does the cleaning and cooking however I am guessing it will not take that long before the technology will be at our fingertips.

The latest dental technology to hit to mass market is the electronic toothbrush. I know what you are thinking… That’s not new!

But this new gadget the inventor thinks no one can live without has something different. The toothbrush is connected to a smartphone application that once you have finished brushing lets you know which parts you have missed. Yes, you read that right!

So, how is this really going to integrate into our daily lives? First you spend what is probably going to be your entire families lifetime toothbrush budget in one go on your new dental toy. After charging it up and spending sometime downloading the application on your smartphone you are ready to go. You enter the bathroom and turn on your toothbrush, starting to clean your teeth, most probably for slightly longer than normal as Big Brother is watching you. Once you have finished you then of course floss (no the floss does not come with an app also!) and you leave the bathroom. You then sit with your phone and check your brushing performance. The application will show you the parts you have missed and you then go back to the bathroom for a second attempt. You may even brush harder as you are angry at yourself that you did not get it right first time! You leave the bathroom once more, hoping that it will be the last time this evening and again you check the application to see if you got it right second time around.

So is this it? No… The application has other features we cannot live without. It is able to show your dentist if you have been brushing properly and it can also share your dental routine with your friends. I will not pass comment, the words escape me.

Personally, I think the idea is ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong, I hope they sell a few and get their money back but if I am 100% honest I hope the new craze does not take off. If we cannot manage the simple act of brushing our teeth without a smartphone application the world has truly gone mad!

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