Up Close & Personal with Dental Implants

The world of custom dental implants is here…

It is estimated that 10% of people will need dental implants in their lifetime. There is an ever increasing list of dentists and clinics that offer a range of dental implants to suit most patients; Nobel Biocare, Astra and Straumann to name a few. Three key components are needed to complete the implant treatment. 1: The dental implant (the screw itself which is placed inside the jaw bone). 2: The abutment (the attachment that sits above the gum and connects the implant to the crown). 3: The crown (also known as the artificial tooth).

Each patients jaw bone is different. Implant patient cases can be complex therefore we need to select the abutment carefully. To ensure a perfect end result, the crown needs to sit at a precise angle. We need to ensure it is flush with the gum line and is aesthetically and technically perfect. Selecting the right abutment is of paramount importance to the end result. Dental implant brands produce standard abutments in different diameters, lengths and angles. A regular dental abutment with a standard diameter and length is not always suitable for every patient and previously compromises had to be made.

In essence, choosing the abutment with the best fit was not always a perfect fit!

As the demand for dental implants increases the world of dental implant technology evolves. The latest technology is the custom made dental abutment.

There are hundreds of stock abutments available in a range of prices, so why choose custom abutments when stock abutments are so readily available?

There are many cases where stock abutments can work just fine (assuming the oral surgeon has sufficient room, sufficient bone and tissue to place the implant in an ideal position). However, for those less than ideal cases, custom implant abutments are a fantastic option. They give technicians the ability to create an ideal profile that promotes healthy tissue development. In addition, the use of a custom abutment allows corrections to be made in angulations with anatomical structure for better support and crown retention.

Abutments can be made from many different materials. In the case of Titanium, manufacturing is complex. Titanium is a hard material to shape due to its strength however it is the most widely used material for implant abutments. Now… with the latest in-clinic milling machines, custom made implant abutments are not only desirable but also achievable.

With the request for dental implants rising and the ever increasing demand for accuracy we decided to invest in the latest technology (A built in PC-based CNC and a Turn-Mill-Hob professional milling machine). We wanted to offer our patients travelling abroad something that is not widely available and potentially better. We took a risk but we are pleased to say that we have used the system for over 12 months with great success. We are fortunate to have the equipment on site and trained people who know how to use it.

Dental laboratories are now investing in custom implant technology, bringing it to smaller dental clinics and therefore a wider demographic of implant patients and oral surgeons.

Technology has realised the increasing demand for dental implant perfection and provided the perfect solution…

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