Smile Design Are You Being Conned?
Smile Design, Are You Being Conned?

Smile Design is a fantastic tool in cosmetic dentistry and it would appear that almost all dental clinics now claim to offer it but… do they really!?

Dentistry has certainly come a long way in recent years and many patients are now searching the internet for qualified dentists who specialise in Smile Design. Consequently, it seems almost all dental clinics are now offering some form of Smile Design or Digital Smile Design but don’t be deceived by the terminology, you may be surprised, and disappointed, by what this actually means.    

It is important to remember: Most Smile Design Software only shows the patient an image of what could be possible and not the actuality of what will be produced or made.

So called ‘Smile Design’ is now available to any dental clinic in the form of a computer program for just a few hundred pounds and is therefore accessible to all dental clinics. This is the main reason everyone now claims to offer it! There are even Smile Design products in the form of mobile applications that graduate you as a Smile Design Technician after 10 minutes of online ‘training’, except you know you are not a qualified dental technician at all don’t you!? Nowadays, Smile Design is ...
The Ugly Truth About Your Toothbrush

Homes are getting smaller and smaller to accommodate a rapidly increasing population bathrooms are getting smaller and smaller. I remember staying in a London flat where my head was literally in the shower while I was sitting on the loo. One things for sure, homes are certainly not going to get any bigger so bathroom sizes will get smaller and smaller. 

As the bathroom size get smaller and smaller so does the relationship between your toothbrush and your toilet. It should be the case that never the two shall meet as it were but in today’s society it seems it is something that cannot be avoided. It is a fact that each time you flush the toilet it releases an aerosol spray of tiny water droplets, which are tainted with fecal matter. These particles can travel in height up to 10 inches above the toilet seat and remain airborne long enough to settle on surfaces throughout the bathroom. An experiment was conducted where by 24 toothbrushes were scattered around a single bathroom. Two of the toothbrushes were used each morning and the remaining 22 toothbrushes were rinsed every day for a month. During the same month, two further toothbrushes were kept in an office far away from the bathroom. At the end of the month’s trial the toothbrushes were sent to a microbiologist for bacterial testing. Extraordinarily, all of the toothbrushes including the two that had never seen the inside of a bathroom were speckled with microscopic fecal matter. The experiment unfortunately pr...

Dont let fear stop you going to the dentist

There are many reasons why you may be scared of visiting the dentist and many reasons why you should not let your dental phobia stop you going to the dentist, most of all your on-going dental health. If it the case that you have been hiding behind your smile and you would love cosmetic dentistry but you have a fear of visiting the dentist, rest assured your feelings of fear surrounding the dentist are shared with over 60% of people. Let’s face it, it is rare that you will read a post on Twitter or Facebook ‘I’m at the dentist… so excited…the best day of my life! Research into dental phobia suggests that it’s not just the fact that people do not like visiting their dentist through fear of actual pain but they are actually worried or embarrassed about having their teeth examined. 

At Dental Centre Turkey we know that going to the dentist can be daunting. We appreciated that our patients are even more apprehensive as they travel to Turkey for their dental treatment. That’s why we specifically cater for nervous patients. We understand your fears and realise that many of our patients have been putting off a trip to the dentist for some time. At Dental Centre Turkey we pride ourselves on being at the fore front of modern dentistry in the alleviation of pain and discomfort and the anxiety associated with both. We understand that the environment and staff in any dental clinic is paramount to making you feel relaxed. We have a great team who are experienced in ...

Zirconium By Sirona

Zirconium restorations such as Crowns, Inlays or Onlays provide the ultimate dental restoration. Our Antalya clinic is equipped with InCoris TZI C Pre-shaded translucent zirconium oxide blocks for use with our In-clinic CAD CAM milling machine. Sirona is the largest  global provider of dental equipment and technology. Sirona was responsible for the invention of the first electrically powered dental drill in 1887. Previously a part of Siemens, Sirona became and independent company in 1997 and has grown as the market leader for chair side technology, also known as ‘teeth in a day’. Today, Sirona employs a workforce of 3,500 employees and has invested more than $370 million over the past 6 years. There are many types of Zirconium available at low prices from small manufactures in China and Japan. If you are planning a Zirconium restoration, we advise you to choose a branded product with a legitimate guarantee and a proven track record for dental excellence.  

Which implant brand is right for me ?

Most of our patients do not ask about the Implant Brands, their request is only for Dental Implants. In fact over 80% of patients do not ask for the manufacturer name. The remaining 20% ask for a specific brand which is usually Nobel or Straumann. 

We use a large selection of Implants including those named above depending on our patients bone structure and of course their budget. 

Patients often ask for Nobel as they were the founder of the dental implant and they have a brand name you can reply on however you will find yourself pay a substantial amount for the brand name alone. 

For example, if you want a Gucci handbag it might cost you £1,000 but if you wanted a premium, high end brand of handbag such as Hermes you would be looking at £8,000 plus. Is there any quality difference between the bags apart from the brand name, logo or the coveted brand? In short No… They are both made from premium leather in a controlled environment and will last you a lifetime. 

The first Implant was placed in 1965 and since this time we see more and more Implant manufactures year on year. Some of these manufactures have been in the industry for 10 years or more so you can understand the relevance of a 10 year guarantee. You cannot however make sense of a 10 year guarantee from an Impla...

Dental Implants Vs Airport Security

The awkward moment when you walk through a metal detector and you hear a beep...

If you travel abroad at least one time year, you will have noticed the heightened security at the airport.

So it begs the question, and it really does as our patients are asking us again and again…

Will my Dental Implants set off a metal detector at the airport?

Metal detectors have different settings and in some countries they are set to a level so specific they will pick up just about anything. 

Many small things that we would never consider can set off a metal detector  such as a little foil wrapper. Yes your tiny chewing gum or foil in your cigarette packet can and will on occasion make you beep! Hairbands are also another regular culprit. Many brands are now making the transition from foil wrappers to paper for this very reason. 

Titanium is as strong as steel, but only 45 percent the weight and it is for this reason that a large percentage of the worlds population now has something titanium in their body including; Hip and joint replacement, Pins, Posts, Wires and Rods… Hell, our bodies internally are starting to look like some kind of hardware store! 

Dental implants are made of titanium metal and therefore are not magnetic. This means that most security metaş detectors will not detect Dental Implants. That said, there is a chance that if the scanners set...

Baby Teeth - Stem Cell

Forget the Tooth Fairy. Your Child's Tooth Is Worth More Than Just A Few Pounds

In the last century freezing embryos and cells has seen a dramatic rise. As women are planning to conceive a lot later in life, we now see more and more adverts relating to freezing fertile eggs for the future. Cryonics is a greek word for ‘cold’ is now the term used for the low-temperature preservation of living tissue. After you are legally dead, in certain parts of the world you can request to be frozen in time at a temperature of -196°C. This is all in the hope that with advancement in modern day medicine you can some day be brought back to life. Although this sounds very sci-fi, it has been available for years with the first human (Dr. James Bedford) being cryopreserved in 1967. As of 2014 approximately 250 people were cryopreserved with a further 1,500 people signing up for the process following their death. People have even opted to have their pets cryopreserved, with 33 animals being frozen in time as of 2007. 

As modern day medicine excels at a rapid rate, doctors are now making use of stem cells to regenerate cells and tissues. There is still a lot of investment and promise in relation to stem cell medicine and despite the hype in the media, the most common use is in bone marrow transplantation, to treat certain blood and immune system disorders or to rebuild the blood system after treatments for certain...

About Dental Holiday

Make your enquiry via internet or phone.

We respond with yourtreatment plan and quotation.

You choose the location you would like to travel to.

We help you to organise your travel plans.

Travel to Turkey for your Dental Holiday.

Enjoy the delights of Turkey and let us restore yor smile.

Naughty Bacteria Vs Peppa Pig

This is unusual for me really as this is more of a moan than it is an informative blog post but I thought, if I had a chance to write about it I might calm down by the time I reach the end of this post (I will let you know later)…

My daughter (Ella) is almost 4 years old and attends a local Crèche 5 days a week. The Crèche are very good at educating all the children about the importance of Dentistry.

Only 3 weeks ago Ella visited a local Dental Clinic with her little friends and was delighted to bring home her certificate as she pointed in her mouth for the entire evening and repeatedly told me that she had ‘No Sugar’.

At the Crèche the children sleep for an hour in the afternoon and before they go to sleep they all clean their teeth which I think is a simple but fabulous educational idea.

Last week I was away for a few days. Ella stayed with her grandparents who did the run to and from Crèche. The Crèche asked if nanny would purchase a new toothbrush and handed the old toothbrush which in my father’s words “looked like she had been hammering nails with it!”.

Nanny took Ella to the local supermarket in search of a new toothbrush. Even though Ella is only 4, she takes great delight in choosing what she would like and this is something I try to encourage.


There is Ella looking at the children’s selection of Toothbrushes all with bright packing, covered in favourite cartoon characters...

Top 9 Foods That Damage Your Teeth

Watch out for sports drinks

They sound healthy, don’t they? But for many sports and energy drinks, sugar is a top ingredient. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, while sports drinks can be helpful for young athletes engaged in prolonged, vigorous physical activities, in most cases they are unnecessary. Before your next sip, check the label to make sure your drink of choice is low in sugar. Not sure? Drink water instead!

What you eat matters

While these hard candies seem harmless, eat too many and the constant exposure to sugar can be harmful to your teeth. Hard candies also put your teeth at risk because in addition to being full of sugar, they can also trigger a dental emergency such as a broken or chipped tooth. Better alternative? Chew sugarless gum

Ice is for chilling, not chewing

You’d be surprised at how many people think ice is good for their teeth. It’s made of water, after all, and doesn’t contain any sugar or other additives. But chewing on hard substances can leave your teeth vulnerable to a dental emergency and damage enamel. Advice: Break the habit and enjoy water in its liquid form.

Watch your citrus intake

The truth is that frequent exposures to acidic ...

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