CEREC Crowns Teeth in a day

CEREC® is the very latest technology which enables the dental clinic to create your Crown, Veneer or Porcelain restoration in the dental clinic in approximately 45 minutes. CEREC® Works with a 3D Tomography machine and computer assisted technology to create or restore your teeth with perfect precision.

Instead of using a putty impression to take a model of your exisitng tooth shape, the dentist takes a digital impression using a wand camera. The image is then converted into a 3D computer model of your tooth which is used as a guide to design your new tooth or complete smile line. Once our cosmetic dentist is happy with the newly designed tooth, this data is sent to an onsite milling machine, which fabricates your new tooth from a high-quality ceramic block.

Benefits of CEREC®

There is no need to wait a long period of time for your smile makeover, you can have all your treatment in just one day and spend more time enjoying your time in Turkey.

You do not need to spend days with temporary teeth

Dental putty is not used to take dental impressions.

The dentist has total control of the final result. When a Crown is made in a laboratory it is both the dentist and the laboratory that is important to ensure a good end result is achieved.

Blind Father Can See His Children Again After Dental Treatment

Ian Tibbetts, 43, first damaged his eye 16 years ago when a piece of scrap metal from an oven struck him in the right eye – ripping his cornea in six places.

The wound healed and he returned to work a year later but he suffered more problems and eventually lost the sight in his right eye in 1998.

And just a year later, the former forklift truck driver had lost nearly all the remaining vision in his left eye.

Before the pioneering surgery, Mr Tibbetts had never seen his four-year-old twins Callum and Ryan’s faces – instead seeing them as blurry shapes.

But after the operation, which he underwent in December 2012, he can now see his children for the first time.

He said: “I have my independence back now and I can start looking after the kids while my wife is out at work. Before, the kids were just shapes. I couldn’t make them out.

“I had to actually learn to tell them apart by their voices. I could tell whichever one it was by the way they spoke and sometimes by how quickly they moved.

“I had a picture in my head of what they looked like but they were better. I’m a bit biased there.

“The image in my mind was totally different to how they were – the features. I gave them a big hug and a kiss.

“The sight doesn’t last forever so at the moment I am just taking each day as it comes and appreciating it.

“I would do anything to get some sight back. I had to try s...

Bad Breath? It Could be a Sign of a Serious Problem

No one wants to have bad breath. If you suffer with bad breath, you might try brushing your teeth more often, mouthwash, and mints to get rid of it. But there may be deeper issues causing your bad breath, which is why you should visit your dentist if you’re experiencing chronic halitosis (the technical name for bad breath).

What can cause bad breath? The list includes:

Foods with strong odors, like onions or garlic.

Excessive dieting.

Poor oral hygiene.

Gum disease.

Dry mouth.

Smoking or chewing tobacco.

Various health conditions.

The first thing you can do to try to get rid of your bad breath is to make sure you’re brushing at least twice a day and flossing once a day. Brushing and flossing removes food particles that may have been left in the nooks and crannies of your teeth and gums. These food particles, if not cleaned away, will actually begin to deteriorate in the mouth, giving off a bad odor — not to mention contributing to decay and gum disease. Make sure you’re thorough about your oral hygi...

Terrorism: Is It Safe To Travel To Turkey?

The question is not only related to Turkey, it relates to travelling anywhere. With the introduction of low cost airlines, the world is now a much smaller place than ever before. We can reach the other side of the globe in just a few hours, travel its length and breadth in not much more. It is important for us to remember that the unforeseen can happen at any time, in any place and anywhere. I won’t go into specifics but no city is untouched by the hand of those that would wish us ill.

The whole point of terrorism is to terrify us into thinking we cannot and should not continue to live our daily lives. The psychological impact of terrorism is not a by-product, it is the aim of the acts these people perpetrate. They want us to be scared. By asking yourself the question; Is a country safe from terrorism?… you are doing just what they intended. It is now an unfortunate fact that none of us is safe from terrorism. It has become part of our daily news, conversation and makes us fear; it is now woven within the fabric of modern society. This unpalatable truth has been unwittingly aided by modern technology and our natural need to communicate with the world at large, unfortunately the advancement of Social Media while being a force for good has served to advance the cause of those that wish to disrupt our lives with their hate.  What to do?

Statistics show that successful terrorist attacks are very few ...

Your Teeth are not Tools

I certainly do not intend to be a hypocrite so I will be up front about my reasons for writing this post. Over the Christmas period while unwrapping my daughters toys the challenge was parting the toy from the packaging. Just when you think you have done it you discover more elastic bands and pieces of plastic. I found the process very challenging! I must admit that on more than one occasion I chose to break through the packaging with my teeth. I am also guilty of breaking open numerous crisp packets with my gnashers!

At one point or another we are all guilty of it. Putting objects in our mouth is a natural reaction that stems from our childhood. We all know that most babies put objects in their mouth to explore the taste and texture as a way of discovery.

As adults many of us also have the bad habit of using our teeth as tools. I have summarised the most common habits and described the damage it can cause to our dental health…


On a hot summers day it often feels appropriate to crunch ice cubes or crushed ice. It may seem harmless but the temperature of the ice along with its hardness will cause serious damage to our teeth. Teeth were constructed to crush through things, not against things. If you have a habit of crushing on ice, you need to cool it!


Biting your nails will ruin the presentation o...

Who are you calling me sweet? Don’t lie to me…

While scanning Facebook for an interesting post or status today I came across these photos and caption posted by one of my friends: 

‘Do you enjoy a nice glass of Cola? Take one kettle, five years of abuse and grease splatters. Add said kettle to a bucket of Cola. Remove 24 hours later and voila, clean kettle. Still enjoy that glass of Cola?’

I know what you are thinking and we have already made several comments  in reference to how the kettle got in such a state to begin with!

So… Earlier this week I wrote another blog post Can Teeth Heal Themselves?

At the end of the post we talk about prevention being better than cure  when it comes to dental treatment and our advice was not to drink too many beverages with a high amount sugar or acids.

After seeing the Facebook post we considered that not only can Coca Cola put Cillit Bang out of business but it could also destroy our teeth. Most of us know that Coca-Cola is high in sugar but just how much sugar is it?

This is just how much…

Coca-Cola is a brand we all know and trust. I have been on a number of advertising training courses across the years (I won’t say how many years as that would be giving too much away!). When candidates are asked to pick a globally recognised brand at least 50% of the candidates will write Coca-Cola. Most households buy coca on a regular basis. I buy approximately 2 litres of the black fizzy stuff each month and although myse...

What Happens When Dentistry Abroad Goes Wrong?

What happens when dentistry abroad goes wrong? A frequently asked question that opens an interesting debate…

Over 50% of patients seeking dental treatment abroad have the same question… “What happens if something goes wrong with my dental treatment abroad?”

Surely the question must be the same if the patient is seeking treatment in their home country. Dentists all around the world make mistakes! Some include fraud: Dental fraud hits the UK news while others are related to the unethical practice of the dentist themselves: UK Dentist suspended by General Dental Council not to forget the fake dentists who are carrying out treatment without any qualifications: Fake Texas dentist faces 20 years in prison.

It seems a little unfair that dental care abroad gone wrong makes front page news in the UK yet if you want to uncover dental horror stories that occur in the UK itself you have to dig much deeper online. If you search the news for dental horror stories you will find them in all corners of the globe. The right question that needs to be asked is “How do I choose the right dentist or dental clinic for me?”

Searching the internet and finding the right dentist for you is not an easy task, especially if you do not know how to find the answer to the question.

Dental marketing strategies are fierce in today’s society. Dentists and clinics abroad are some of the worst culprits for employing sales strategies to meet increasing...

Up Close & Personal with Dental Implants

The world of custom dental implants is here…

It is estimated that 10% of people will need dental implants in their lifetime. There is an ever increasing list of dentists and clinics that offer a range of dental implants to suit most patients; Nobel Biocare, Astra and Straumann to name a few. Three key components are needed to complete the implant treatment. 1: The dental implant (the screw itself which is placed inside the jaw bone). 2: The abutment (the attachment that sits above the gum and connects the implant to the crown). 3: The crown (also known as the artificial tooth).

Each patients jaw bone is different. Implant patient cases can be complex therefore we need to select the abutment carefully. To ensure a perfect end result, the crown needs to sit at a precise angle. We need to ensure it is flush with the gum line and is aesthetically and technically perfect. Selecting the right abutment is of paramount importance to the end result. Dental implant brands produce standard abutments in different diameters, lengths and angles. A regular dental abutment with a standard diameter and length is not always suitable for every patient and previously compromises had to be made.

In essence, choosing the abutment with the best fit was not always a perfect fit!

As the demand for dental implants increases the world of dental implant technology evolves. The latest technology is the custom made dental abutment.

There are hundreds of s...

Turkish Stuffed Peppers Recipe (Pepper Dolma)

Turkish Stuffed Peppers Recipe (Pepper Dolma)

Today we have had a Nigella Lawson day and spent most of it in the Kitchen preparing some healthy Turkish recipes including one of our favourites, Turkish Stuffed Peppers (also known as Pepper Dolma).

Although this blog is mainly focused on everything ‘Dental’ Related, we are based in Turkey so it seems like an ideal opportunity to share some of the great food that Turkey has to offer. Turkish food is both a healthy and tasty option.

Details of the recipe along with personal photos of our attempt can be found below:


*The quantities below are based on one portion. You will need to multiply the number of ingredients by the number of people eating.

2 Bell peppers (Any colour)

Main Dolma Mixture

2 Cups of uncooked rice (any type of rice you prefer will work)

1 Large onion (finely chopped)

2 Table spoons of tomato paste

3 Table spoons of olive oil

1 Handful of chopped parsley

1 Table spoon of dried mint

1 Table spoon of oregano

1 Table spoon of all spice

3 Table spoons of currants

Salt and pepper to taste

1 Peeled potato or Tomato

Liquid Mixture


New Tooth Appearing From The Gum… Or Is It?

I have not had an opportunity to write many posts recently as the clinic has been unusually busy for this time of year however I wanted to share an experience from one of our dental patients which was brought to light at 3am last week. It was 2:40 in the morning (Turkish Time) and I was still awake when I had a notification about an email from one of our patients who had treatment last summer. I do not remember every patient but I remembered this couple as we have kept in touch about quiz questions and holidays in Turkey since they returned home. I switched on my laptop to check the email…

Our patient had spotted a white circular area above her top tooth on the right hand side. The email read: “It looks as though she has another tooth coming through, it is a circular shape, about 2-3mm in diameter. We don’t know what to do and would like to get some help from you what to do next. I have taken a photograph and I am sending it to you. Can you get back to us as soon as you can or ring us. Thanks again Angela and David”.

Sure enough, there was a photograph. The lighting was not perfect and it was not 100% clear but it was a start.

I checked the time and questioned if calling was a good idea. I knew they were awake as they had just sent the email and I knew they would be concerned as Angela had a dental phobia so it was likely that she could not sleep also. I decided it was a good idea to telephone them and I am glad that the phone call was wel...

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