Foods to eat after Dental Implant Surgery

Foods to eat after Dental Implant Surgery

It seems a strange topic to write about but when I sit down with my cup of tea and think about the most frequently asked question in the dental clinic it’s ‘What foods can I eat over the next few days?’.  In some cases these patients have had extractions and/ or in most cases Dental Implants so their gums are understandably fragile and the thought of chewing steak is obviously not appealing.

Most of our patients travel from abroad for their dental treatment, with most of them having their Dental Implants placed on the first or second day after arriving in Turkey. They are not familiar with the local area or the cuisine. Turkey has a diverse range of foods, combining the eastern and western flavours.

Here is our top 5 recommendations for foods to eat following Implant Surgery:

Soup – Turkey has some unique soups with wonderful flavours

Pasta – You will find plenty of pasta dishes available in most restaurants

Dolma – Stuffed Peppers with Rice and Vegetables

Fish – You will find all kinds of fresh fish in most restaurants

Mezze Plate – Different dishes of soft mezzes served with soft bread

If you look in any restaurant you will find at least 2-3 of the dishes named above. They are all soft and easy to eat, not forgetting the fact that they taste great too. Following Implant Surgery you will be given a course of antibiotics so it is important to eat as normal. Do not be put off by the thought of food in fact you should be enticed by the different dishes available.