A Dental implant Without An Abutment Is A Car Without Wheels…

You can always find plenty of information on dental websites about dental implants but many of these websites do not mention anything about the implant abutment.

There seems to be much confusing surrounding dental abutments. It is a forgotten attachment but a vital attachment to complete the implant procedure.

Many patients seeking dental treatment abroad are obtaining quotations for the implant itself and the implant crowns but nothing is mentioned about the small attachment that is needed to complete their treatment. The forgotten attachment is causing so much confusion. Quite often when I mention the abutment, people making their enquiry have never heard of it! They only know they need a dental implant. I have written this post mainly to use it as a referral. I repeat myself on a daily basis, saying and writing the same things. I thought it was a better idea to write it once and divert patients who have a misunderstanding about dental abutments to this post.

There are Google Adverts quoting dental implants at only £299. Sure, this will increase the click through rate and the number of enquiries but it is more than a little misleading. The cost does not include the abutment. The small but very important attachment has no mention until the patient arrives in the clinic. The cost is then increased dramatically which is a deliberate marketing tactic. The clinic/ dentist is fully aware that this part is needed

It is dishonest and unethical to advertise only one part of the price. If you walked into a car garage, looked at a brand new car, asked the price and you were quoted £20,000 you would consider that the final price. If you returned a few days later ready to drive it off the forecourt only to notice the wheels were missing and they wanted an extra £4,000 to add the wheels you would walk away. It should be the same when choosing the right clinic for your implant procedure. If the cost does not include the abutment and there is no mention of this vital part you should not proceed with your enquiry. It is likely that this cost will be added on when you arrive at the dental clinic and in some cases patients are travelling a long way and are feeling pressured into paying the extra costs.

It is certain that if you have missing teeth and you are planning dental implants to restore your smile and your dental health you need all three parts to complete your treatment: The dental implant; the small screw that is fixed into your jaw bone and acts as an artificial tooth root. The implant abutment; the attachment that connects your implant and crown together and finally your implant crown; also known as the artificial tooth. Without all three components your treatment cannot be completed.

Do not be fooled by sales and marketing tactics. Ask for the full cost of the Implant + Abutment + the Implant Crown when making your enquiry.

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