Holiday or Dental Holiday What Is The Difference?

The answer depends on your priority. Turkey is a great place to combine your dental treatment with a vacation. There are many different cities and resorts with each one offering something unique. Turkey also has a very high standard of dental care with state of the art clinics and technology. This may be the case but for many it is still a huge decision to choose another county for their dental treatment and combine their treatment with a holiday.

A dental holiday is certainly not like a standard holiday. You do not have free time all day every day, you may not be able to eat what you like, you may not be able to drink alcohol (in the case of Dental Implants you will have antibiotics) and you will feel some apprehension as well as excitement.

Your first priority must be your Dental Treatment and the holiday must be secondary. Think of the holiday part as an added bonus! Sure, you will be able to enjoy lazy days at the beach, sightseeing or shopping but you must think of it like this… You will probably have a holiday at least once a year, it is a regular event but your choice to create a new smile is for many, a once in a lifetime decision. You will live with your new smile for many years to come, every time you look in the mirror it will be there looking back at you! Your dental care must take number one position in the list of priorities.

Our clinic is not cold and boring. It is bright and airy and we have a great team of people who are great to talk to and will also help providing advice about the local area; where to eat, drink and the best things to see and do. You will of course prefer to be spending quality time with your family enjoying the local area but we want you to know that we are not a bad bunch of people either and your time at the clinic can be enjoyable too!

Most treatments require 3 visits but there is always a need for flexibility. If you’re new teeth need some small adjustments you may need to miss another day of ‘holiday’ time for one more appointment. When you leave us you are going back home to a different country most probably thousands of miles away so you cannot just pop back in and request small adjustments at a later date. We understand that we must get it right first time. In order to achieve this there should be some amount of flexibility on both sides.

In most cases we will set all your dental appointments in advance so you can make your holiday plans around them. If your new smile is being made on site using CEREC we can of course guarantee when your next appointment will be as it’s within our control, however if your new teeth are being made by the local laboratory sometimes the they are delivered earlier or later than expected and your appointment day or time can change.

We do understand that you are combining your treatment with a holiday and we do try to accommodate patients as best we can allowing them to spend time enjoying as much free time as possible.

It is however a ‘dental holiday’ so you should focus on your new smile and make that your number one priority.

To some up the answer to the question: Holiday or Dental Holiday what is the difference?

In one word, the answer is: Flexibility.

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