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The large modern dental clinic in Antalya is considered to be a VIP dental clinic and holds an independent licence as a registered Dental Centre. It is considered to be one of the best private dental clinics in Turkey. Many patients who are planning larger treatments such as Smile Makeover or Dental Facelifts to include some well-known TV personalities travel to the VIP clinic in Antalya for their treatment.

The VIP clinic in Antalya is classed as a ‘Dental Centre’ and is fully licensed and regulated by the Turkish Ministry of Health. Dental Centres are held to a higher standard than a standard dental clinic. Many clinics now use the term VIP or Dental Centre but there are no additional services or facilities on site and no registration as a Dental Centre to warrant the use of the term. Legitimate Dental Centres are allowed to provide a much larger range of services and facilities than an ordinary policlinic or boutique clinic. If in doubt, patients should ask for the full registered clinic name. The name will either include the term Poliklinik (which is a standard dental clinic) or diş sağlığı merkezi (which is a Dental Centre). Essentially, most dental clinics in Turkey, such as those that describe themselves as boutique clinics or licensed as polikliniks, are relatively small and are not legally able to provide the services that a Dental Centre is licensed to provide. A Dental Centre has the added advantage of a more experienced dental team and superior dental technologies including a full on-site laboratory. The dental clinic itself is exceptionally modern and is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, all of which you will find in the likes of London’s Harley Street and other high-end dental clinics.  

The clinic in Antalya is equipped with a 3D Tomography machine that allows the Oral Surgeons to plan Dental Implants with great precision and in some cases with Guided Surgery (also referred to as Implants without surgery). Dental Veneers and Crowns can be fabricated on site using our smile design software and CAD CAM technology. This allows you full control over the end result, ensuring you get the smile you have always dreamed of. Many patients bring a reference photograph of a smile they like, and the dental team can replicate the design or tweak it to make minor adjustments according to your preference. This technology also allows the experienced team to complete a full Smile Makeover in just 3-4 days, so if you have a short time frame available, you can be sure that the clinics accommodate high quality treatments in a short timeframe due to the high level of technology available on the clinic premises. The VIP clinic has made a huge investment in dental technology, sourced only from the most reputable manufacturers and suppliers such as Sirona and Ivoclar Vivadent. Specialist drills imported from Austria are used to ensure a greater level of safety during the preparation of teeth. Panoramic X-ray and 3D tomography is employed whenever necessary to aid in the accuracy of treatment planning. An Invisiontec Vida Model Professional Dental 3D Printer is employed to provide 3D Scanning of the patients mouth in-order to make a perfect replica which can be used for Mock-Up Design Scenarios and dental impressions when necessary, such as for Dentures and Surgical Guides for Guided Implant Surgery.

One of the added advantages of a licensed Dental Centre is the addition of a full on-site clinic laboratory equipped with qualified Dental Technicians of exemplary experience. The VIP clinic in Antalya is home to some of the most sophisticated dental technology available worldwide. The on-site laboratory and currently employs a total of 12 qualified Dental Technicians to design and fabricate dental restorations such as Veneers and Crowns. Being a Dental Centre enables the clinic to exercise full control over the quality of products used in the provision of dental treatment, and also ensures that the highest level of skill is used to fabricate the restorations. When considering where to have your dental treatment, it is important to remember that a Dentist is generally only involved in the preparation of teeth to receive a restoration, or to complete cosmetic or restorative dentistry, which is only one part of the entire treatment. The fabrication of individually designed restorations to suit the patient’s needs and in terms of accuracy of fit, function and aesthetics, is the job of a fully qualified and highly skilled Dental Technician. The clinic has an experienced team of Cosmetic Dentists who work alongside the Dental Technicians to ensure the end result desired by the patient is achieved. The VIP Dental Centre in Antalya has 3 fully qualified Oral Surgeons who are qualified and skilled at more complex procedures such as Surgical Extractions, Dental Implants, Sinus Lifting and Bone Grafting. This ensures no Dental Implant is placed by a general Dentist, and no dental surgery is performed by anyone other than a fully qualified Oral Surgeon. The VIP clinic has also been recognised as the largest provider of e.max restorations in Turkey, as certified by Ivoclar Vivadent themselves (the original manufacturer of e.max).

The VIP dental clinic in Antalya is appreciated by people who seek a high quality of service with a huge dental team including: Cosmetic Dentists, Dental Specialists, Oral Surgeons, Dental Nurses, Dental Technicians and Patient Coordinators. If you would like to bring your friend or a family member with you to the dental clinic, the tea & coffee is free! The clinic has a large reception area with free internet access, a TV and comfortable sofas. If you are a nervous patient and you would like a family member or a friend to accompany you into the treatment room there are comfy chairs in there too. All the Dentists and Oral Surgeons are members of the Turkish Dental Association and the team speak English, having a huge amount of experience liaising with international patients every day about their dental options available to restore your smile. Patient Coordinators are also on hand to discuss all the details about your treatment and provide advice on the local area of Antalya. The clinic team believes in providing dentistry with a personal touch, allowing longer appointments than usual so you have an opportunity to ask questions and you feel comfortable in making the right decision about your dental treatment.   

The clinic provides a free return pick up service from and to your accommodation for each dental appointment affording you more holiday time in the beautiful resort of Antalya. If you are seeking a highly respected dental clinic with a proven track record for excellent dentistry, the clinic offers you a first-class experience in the hands of a highly qualified dental team. Take a look at the patient video testimonials and before and after photographs which go a long way in demonstrating the achievement in the field of dental excellence. 

Last but not least, the VIP clinic has been cleverly conceived to provide patients with a tranquil environment, offering light filled spaces, a coherent palette of interior colours and planting. A huge investment has been made to ensure the clinic has its own identity while maintaining the same ethos: The patient experience is at the centre of everything the clinic does. The clinic offers a fully serviced on-site refreshment centre, under the Freshpegs® brand, which offers individually crafted beverages, available exclusively for guests of the clinic. The clinic provides outdoor space outside the luxurious terrace where patients can relax in the shade of the century’s old olive tree. The distinctly Mediterranean atmosphere with comfortable al-fresco seating together with staff on hand to cater to your every need. Every detail has been considered to ensure a patient visit is unlike any other dental appointment. If you are considering dental treatment in Turkey or you are planning dental treatment in Antalya specifically, please get in touch with us today.


Antalya deserves its reputation as the ‘Pearl of the Mediterranean’ and is Turkeys biggest international sea resort located along the Turkish Riviera. Among the most popular holiday resorts in the Mediterranean this is destination not to be missed. Antalya is both a working city and a holiday resort, so no matter what time of the year you plan your visit, the area is open for business. Antalya always offers a fabulous mix of great beaches and local culture. Set along the Mediterranean coastline, the views are some of the very best the country has to offer. The back drop is the Taurus mountains which are scattered in pine trees offering a bright green backdrop in the summer months and a dusting of snow during the winter months. However, do not be fooled by the snow, the beaches are still suitable for sunbathing throughout most of the year but it does make for a spectacular view. At the bottom of the mountains you will find a long golden beach and a rich blue sea that meets the skyline. There are not many countries that can afford such a view and it will make a great addition to your family album.

Kaleici is the old town and is the remains of original city which now sits inside the new modern city. The old town is simply stunning and a lovely place to meander through the cobbled streets while stopping for refreshments along the way. Head downhill through the winding streets and it will take you to the harbour where you can take a boat tour for a few hours or a 40-minute Ferry ride to Kemer beach on the other side of the bay. Kaleici comes alive at night with a perfect mix of tourists and locals who enjoying the refreshing sea air while sampling the local beers, cocktails and cuisine. The atmosphere in the city is simply perfect with one of the best welcomes you will find anywhere in Turkey. The ancient walled city is accessed through Hadrian’s gate which is the original gate to the old city, erected in honour of a visit by the eponymous Roman Emperor, and is still in great condition today. On the outside of the walled city you will find the modern city and the busy Ataturk Boulevard where locals and tourists go to shop for clothing and shoes. The area caters for the latest trends with both original brands and designer fakes being available. Everything from handbags, wallets and watches can be found at great prices and there is always an opportunity to haggle. Just outside of Antalya, a 20-minute drive along the coast you will find some of the largest golf courses in Turkey many of which take advantage of the sea view and are absolutely stunning, being extremely well maintained, assuring lush green grass and top notch facilities.

If you fancy a bit of history, you can take a day trip to Olympos which was an ancient city in Lycia. It is said to date back to 4th century BC and is now part of a national park. The city has a vast history, being taken over by the Roman commander accompanied by the young Julius Caesar in 78 BC. Antalya Museum is one of the best in Turkey with a rich collection of ancient Roman Statues and marble sarcophaguses. Ancient objects are displayed in different sections and in chronological order; an absolute must see are the Marble Statues of ancient Gods/Goddesses and the statues of Roman Emperors. Most of the statues housed in the museum were brought here from the nearby ancient city of PERGE. Antalya Museum is only 10 minutes from city center and you can take a local tram, which runs every half an hour. 

To the eastern side of Antalya there is a popular waterfall named Duden Falls which sits on the cliff edge along with a large park area. The area is a great place to eat, drink and enjoy the view of Antalya bay with the mountains in the distance.  If you are planning something to raise the adrenalin levels, Antalya beach hosts a wide range of water sports including Jet Skiing and Parasailing. Day trips for white water rafting in the mountains are also very popular and offer some spectacular scenery.

The hotel offerings in Antalya go from the sublime to the ridiculous, from the small bohemian Pansiyons in the old town where it is possible to stay at a nightly rate equivalent to that of the cost of a coffee in London, to the monumental 5 star ultra all-inclusive contemporary palaces of Kundu and Lara Beach. There are also more upscale offerings in Kaleici as well as in other parts of the city, fashionable boutique hotels and other establishments that are the haunt of the rich and the famous. Its location on the Mediterranean is utterly breathtaking, the Mediterranean Sea stretches out to offer an endless vista of calm beauty and the area itself is certainly one for the bucket list.

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