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Silver Crowns News

A four-year-old girl has been left with stainless-steel crowns on every single one of her teeth after she made a recent trip to the dentist. 

Savannah White was left with a mouth full of metal after she went in for a routine procedure on four cavities, her mother Alecia said on Monday. 

Mrs White brought her daughter to a dentist's surgery in Phoenix, Arizona and stayed with her until she was sedated before leaving for the waiting room. 

Mrs White brought her daughter home and when the child had woken up from a nap, she was horrified to look inside her mouth which had been coated in metal. 

The dentist's handiwork left the unfortunate little girl with the appearance of Bond villain Jaws, one of the 007's most famous nemeses, played by Richard Kiel, from movies The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker.

The mother, who also has a son called Zach, said that she was embarrassed by what the dentist, who has not been identified, did to her daughter. She added that the dental work made Savannah unhappy with her appearance.

Mrs White told AZFamily: 'On a daily basis she says, ''Mommy, I don't like my teeth. I don't like my teeth.'' And it's really kind of hard to hear every single day.'

The local TV station asked Dr Richard Chaet, a pediatric dentist for 30 years who has written guidelines for his peers across the U.S, to examine photographs of the little girl's mouth. 

Dr Chaet said he was amazed by the n...

Patients with a fear of Dentures

It is not that uncommon to have a fear of going to the dentist, despite that fact that modern dentistry methods make the experience as painless as possible. The fears that people tend to have are of injections, drilling, and a few other procedures, but there is also a small group of people that have a mortal fear of dentures or any other foreign object being placed in their mouth (6 patients in 2013 contacted us mentioning a phobia of removable dentures in their initial enquiry). The whole scenario of getting into the dentist chair in the first place becomes overshadowed by the fear of what might happen once the dentures are fitted and placed. It is that fear that leads many people to go through life with teeth that are rotten and broken, or with no teeth at all.

What may come as a surprise is that the fear of dentures does not just come with the thought of having them in the mouth. Some patients are so in the grip of that fear that they cannot even be in the same room where dentures may be on display. It’s a crippling phobia that can be both physically and mentally debilitating, but it is not without a cure of sorts. While some might see dental implants as the perfect alternative, in most cases patients are offered a denture to wear for a 3 month healing period before they need to return and have the permanent Crowns fitted to the Implants. In these cases patients who have a fear of dentures or foreign objects in their mouth are put off the Implant treatment. Ther...

Is the treatment in Turkey painful?

Question: Is the treatment painful?

Answer:   No! In all cases we offer numbing injections during your treatment. You may have some sensivity after your initial treatment but it will not interfere with your daily life or your holiday. If you are travelling abroad for a dental implant procedure we do suggest taking a normal pain killer before you leave the dental clinic and again that evening before you sleep. The following day you should not need any pain relief at all.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth Extraction

A cute diagram showing the importance of the need to extract impacted wisdom teeth. A round of applause for the illustrator, simple but effective!Impacted wisdom teeth extractions are no longer painful with modern technology and the latest techniques.

How long does it take to get to your dental clinics?

Question: How long does it take to get to your dental clinics?

Answer:   The nearest clinic is a 3.5 hour flight from the UK and Ireland or a 2.5 hour flight from Europe. Turkey has thousands of international flights arriving and departing each day at very low prices. We will search for a travel package that suits your taste a budget free of charge or you can make your own travel arrangements and let us arrange your dental appointments. In 7 of our dental clinics we offer a free return pick up service from your accommodation to the dental clinic and back again. This makes it easy for you, leaving you with more time to relax and enjoy the beach or local highlights.

How long do I need to travel for?

Question: How long do I need to travel for my dental treatment in Turkey? 

Answer:   As a general rule, most cosmetic treatments can be completed with in a week with approximately 3 dental appointments. We have clinics in 9 locations so where you travel depends on how long your treatment will take. Implants can be placed during a 3 day visit (depending on which clinic you choose to travel to). In some cases if you are travelling for less time and you are planning cosmetic dentistry procedures such as Veneers or Crowns we can fast track your treatment at the labratory and complete the treatment in 4-5 days. Teeth Whitening, Root Canal Treatment and Fillings can be completed in one appointment. In all cases it is best to get in touch with us and we will advise you how long to travel for once we know more about your circumstances.

Dentist struck off for offering to perform female genital mutilation on girls as young as 10 in Birmingham

Dentist struck off for offering to perform female genital mutilation on girls as young as 10 in Birmingham

Omar Addow struck off by General Dental Council last month

Hearing found the dentist ‘intended to perform the procedure at some point’

Addow, 56, reportedly told woman he would carry out female genital mutilation on her nieces

A dentist has been struck off for offering to perform female genital mutilation on two young girls.

Somali-born Omar Addow is the first practitioner to be struck off by the General Dental Council for offering the illegal procedure in more than a decade.

The 56-year-old was allegedly recorded saying he would carry out the crime, which carries a 14-year prison sentence, in a Birmingham dental practice last year.

A hearing last month found Addow guilty of offering the operation, reportedly telling an undercover journalist: ‘I will do it for you. Between you, me and Allah only.’

The hearing ruled Addow performed an internal examination of the woman in his dental practice, before showing her medical instruments used to perform female circumcision.

(Former model and women’s rights campaigner Waris Dirie has accused authorities of not doing enough to stop female genital mutilation)

 It was reported the woman asked him if he would carry out genital mutilation on her two nieces, aged 10 and 13.

In its judgment the GDC ruled: ‘At the time he made the offer, ...

Dental Implants in Turkey


Dental Implant + Abutment : £460 

Dental Implant + Abutment + Crown : £585

Feeling self-conscious about your missing teeth or wobbly dentures?

You're not alone. Millions of adults are missing at least one tooth. For those who cannot afford this treatment in their own country, we offer dental implants abroad in our first class clinics along the coast of Turkey. 

A short, low cost flight from the UK and other European countries. 

Bring back your natural smile and your self confidence with functional and aesthetic dental implants. An ideal alternative to bridges, a dental implant can actually replace teeth without compromising the quality of bordering teeth and the price can be surprisingly cheap  compared to European prices. As the implant attaches directly to the jawbone, an implant looks and feels like a real tooth. An implant will also prevent bone loss and gum recession at the same time. Don't let missing teeth affect how you chew, smile or live your life. Bring back that ear-to-ear grin with an effective, permanent dental implant. It does not need to break the bank there can be a cheap  alternative. 

Is an Implant Right For Me?

A secure, long-term smile solution, implants are ideal for people of all...

Contract prevented Harry Potter star from fixing teeth

LONDON, UK: Actors sometimes have to make sacrifices for their roles in films. In the case of Matthew Lewis, who is best known for his role as wizard Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter film series, the producers made the actor sign a contract that forbid him to have his crooked teeth fixed.

As reported online by The Independent, one of Britain’s largest newspapers, Lewis was under contract not to straighten his teeth until filming had finished, leaving him with a distinctive set of teeth for about ten years.

According to the directors, the overall aim was to develop a characteristic feature of Neville Longbottom.

Since the end of the Harry Potter films in 2011, Lewis has undergone a considerable physical transformation. The newspaper reported that he had his teeth straightened and realigned with braces.

Moreover, Lewis told The Independent that he had had to wear a fat suit from the third film onwards to make him look geeky, as by then he had grown quite tall and slim.

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