Teeth in a Day Abroad – CEREC Technology

Our most recent patient was only able to travel for 3 days including her arrival and departure day so in essence we only had one day to create her new smile. Using the CEREC chairside technology we were able to create a complete set of 28 teeth in just one day! The result is a great set of teeth with a very natural appearance. We are very pleased with the end result.

Smile Makeover in Turkey

Smile Restoration to widen the smile line and reduce the size of the buccal corridor. Using a combination of Pure Porcelain CEREC® Crowns and Veneers it is a great end result creating a much fuller, wider smile line.

How Soon Can I Fly After Dental Implants ?

Most of our Dental Implant patients travel from overseas for their Implant Procedure. One common question is: ‘How soon can I fly after my Implant Procedure?’

Many patients believe they should not fly right after such procedures because of potential bleeding or having more pain! This of course is not true. We are in touch with our Implant patients after they return home and none of them have reported discomfort when travelling. After your Implant Placement the Implant Surgeon will want to check the healing of the Implant after 2-3 days. After this control visit you are free to fly and should not experience any problems.

Here are several facts and tips on flying after the placement of dental implants:

Airplanes have pressurised cabins therefore flying will not cause further bleeding or discomfort that some incorrectly believe is caused by changes in altitude.

Take a standard pain killer before the flight to ensure you are comfortable if you are flying 2-3 days after your Implant placement.

For food, buy something soft and easy to eat at the airport terminal; See: Foods to eat after Implant Surgery…

If you have just had dental implants placed, do not worry about setting off the alarms at airport security. Dental implants are made of titanium, a non-magnetic metal. Therefore, they do not set off metal detectors.

Bon Voyage.

Holiday or Dental Holiday What Is The Difference?

The answer depends on your priority. Turkey is a great place to combine your dental treatment with a vacation. There are many different cities and resorts with each one offering something unique. Turkey also has a very high standard of dental care with state of the art clinics and technology. This may be the case but for many it is still a huge decision to choose another county for their dental treatment and combine their treatment with a holiday.

A dental holiday is certainly not like a standard holiday. You do not have free time all day every day, you may not be able to eat what you like, you may not be able to drink alcohol (in the case of Dental Implants you will have antibiotics) and you will feel some apprehension as well as excitement.

Your first priority must be your Dental Treatment and the holiday must be secondary. Think of the holiday part as an added bonus! Sure, you will be able to enjoy lazy days at the beach, sightseeing or shopping but you must think of it like this… You will probably have a holiday at least once a year, it is a regular event but your choice to create a new smile is for many, a once in a lifetime decision. You will live with your new smile for many years to come, every time you look in the mirror it will be there looking back at you! Your dental care must take number one position in the list of prioritie...

Foods To Eat After Dental Implant Surgery

It seems a strange topic to write about but when I sit down with my cup of tea and think about the most frequently asked question in the dental clinic it’s ‘What foods can I eat over the next few days?’.  In some cases these patients have had extractions and/ or in most cases Dental Implants so their gums are understandably fragile and the thought of chewing steak is obviously not appealing.

Most of our patients travel from abroad for their dental treatment, with most of them having their Dental Implants placed on the first or second day after arriving in Turkey. They are not familiar with the local area or the cuisine. Turkey has a diverse range of foods, combining the eastern and western flavours.

Here is our top 5 recommendations for foods to eat following Implant Surgery:

Soup – Turkey has some unique soups with wonderful flavours

Pasta – You will find plenty of pasta dishes available in most restaurants

Dolma – Stuffed Peppers with Rice and Vegetables

Fish – You will find all kinds of fresh fish in most restaurants

Mezze Plate – Different dishes of soft mezzes served with soft bread

If you look in any restaurant you will find at least 2-3 of the dishes named above. They are all soft and easy to eat, not forgetting the fact that they taste great too. Following...

A new one for us… The Crown that was Crowned.

Last week we had a patient that had come to us in the Antalya clinic for corrective dentistry. Derick had Cosmetic Dentistry at his local dentist but he had been experiencing problems with pain. Following his visit to Turkey, A tomography confirmed that the Crowns were badly fitted and there was infections in some of the teeth roots. It was decided that the best solution was to remove Peter’s Crowns and after laser gum treatment and some root canal treatments we would replace all of the old Metal Porcelain Crowns with E.Max Crowns. When we started to remove the existing Crowns we noticed that his local dentist had not removed the old Crowns, replacing them with new ones. Instead, his dentist had in fact, Crowned the Crowns! This was the first and we certainly hope the last time we see such bad dentistry!

A Dental implant Without An Abutment Is A Car Without Wheels…

You can always find plenty of information on dental websites about dental implants but many of these websites do not mention anything about the implant abutment.

There seems to be much confusing surrounding dental abutments. It is a forgotten attachment but a vital attachment to complete the implant procedure.

Many patients seeking dental treatment abroad are obtaining quotations for the implant itself and the implant crowns but nothing is mentioned about the small attachment that is needed to complete their treatment. The forgotten attachment is causing so much confusion. Quite often when I mention the abutment, people making their enquiry have never heard of it! They only know they need a dental implant. I have written this post mainly to use it as a referral. I repeat myself on a daily basis, saying and writing the same things. I thought it was a better idea to write it once and divert patients who have a misunderstanding about dental abutments to this post.

There are Google Adverts quoting dental implants at only £299. Sure, this will increase the click through rate and the number of enquiries but it is more than a little misleading. The cost does not include the abutment. The small but very important attachment has no mention until the patient arrives in the clinic. The cost is then increased dramatically which is a deliberate marketing tactic. The clinic/ dentist is fully aware that this part is needed

It is dishonest and unethica...

50 Shades of Grey

50 Shades of Grey for Dentists…

The book, 50 Shades of Grey, has sold over 100 million copies worldwide, making it the globe’s best selling erotic romance. Due for timely cinema release on Valentines Day the film is causing a frenzy among fantasy-lovers and called a work of genius due in part to Beyonce’s rework of Crazy In Love.

50 Shades of Grey Film Trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SfZWFDs0LxA

Whether BDSM curious, fantasy-lover, romance novel enthusiast, or not, you don’t need to be crazy in love with 50 Shades of Grey to run into it everywhere you go this week. However getting the movie out of your head is a bit easier than the shades of grey that could form on your teeth! But we’re here to help.

What causes teeth to grey?

Extrinsic discoloration – Stains that appear on the outer layer (enamel) of the tooth. Extrinsic stains can simply be caused by your lifestyle when your teeth are regularly exposed to coffee, red wine, cola and other drinks or foods. Smoking also causes extrinsic stains.

Intrinsic discoloration – Stains that appear when the inner structure of the tooth darkens or gets a yellow tint. You can get this type of discoloration if:

You had trauma that affected a tooth when you were a young child. A knock, fall or even ...

3rd Time Lucky… The Hidden Costs Tactic

Sometimes I really am ashamed of my industry. No, I am not talking about the dental profession per say, it is the dental tourism profession I am referring to. We had a patient in the Antalya dental clinic this week (Peter) who had been overseas twice for dental treatment but returned back to the UK without treatment. You are wondering… Why?

After the fluffy and informative emails, the patient sending his dental photos and dental X-Rays Peter had his dental quotation and finally booked his time away from work to travel for treatment.

After Peter arrived in the dental clinic the cost of his treatment dramatically increased. Personally I take my hat off to him for walking away and not feeling pressured into paying the increased amount, I wonder what the general response is?!

In this case, it happened not once, but twice!!! Peter was so worried about travelling abroad again, we spoke about this issue at length (more than the treatment itself) before somehow I persuaded him that we were different and the dental treatment and associated costs in our clinic was ethical.

The prices quoted by his local dentist were far above his budget, therefore he was left with no choice other than to book his t...

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