How Many Trips to Turkey for Implants? A Detailed Guide

    Planning dental implant treatment abroad can raise many questions, particularly about the number of trips required and the duration of each visit. This guide details the necessary trips to Turkey for different implant scenarios, ensuring you have all the information needed for a smooth and efficient treatment journey.

    Dental Implants in Turkey - First Visit:


    Your initial visit to Turkey sets the foundation for your dental implant procedure. If a temporary solution is not planned, which is often the case when patients arrive with teeth already missing, the treatment can be completed in just 2 full days, with a single appointment each day, not including your travel days. However, if a temporary solution or additional cosmetic treatment is included, you should plan to make yourself available for 5 full days. This visit involves placing the dental implant(s) and any minor bone grafting (if needed), a process that takes approximately one hour depending on the number of implants being placed. This length of time does not include your consultation. After the procedure, you will return for a control visit and check-up the next day or a few days later, depending on the extent of your treatment. 


    For a full dental implant reconstruction, whether for a single jaw or both jaws, including extractions, standard bone grafting, sinus lifting, and the placing of dental implants, the first visit should be planned for a minimum of a 7 day holiday. The same applies for All-on-4® and All-On-6 treatments.


    Single Dental Implant Crown in Turkey:


    For a single dental implant crown, it is generally recommended to plan for 5 full days, though this should be confirmed following your in-clinic consultation—it shall not be less than 5 days. If a healing cap was not fitted during the first visit, the treatment may extend to a minimum of 6 full days. Including travel days, this typically means a 7 days holiday.


    Dental Implant Bridge in Turkey:


    For a dental implant bridge, you will need to be available for a minimum of 9 full days. This allows for fitting and any necessary adjustments. To accommodate travel, you should plan for a total of 11 days.


    Full Dental Implant Reconstruction and Full Arch Implant Bridge in Turkey:


    A full mouth dental implant reconstruction requires more time due to the complexity of the procedure, as does a full arch implant bridge for a single jaw. You should plan to make yourself available to the clinic for a minimum of 11 full days, ensuring enough time for comprehensive treatment and adjustments. Including travel days, this totals 13 days.

    All-on-4® in Turkey – Second Visit for Permanent Implant Solution, single jaw or both jaws:


    The All-on-4® treatment involves creating and fitting a permanent All-on-4® Bar Denture. This process includes time for any necessary adjustments to ensure a perfect fit. For this treatment, plan for a 7-day visit, totaling 9 days when travel days are included.




    To summarise, the number of trips and the duration of each visit for dental implants in Turkey depend on your specific treatment plan:


    First Visit:


    Single Dental Implant without a temporary solution and without other treatments: 2 full days (4 days total including travel)

    Multiple Dental Implants without a temporary solution and without other treatments: 5 full days (7 days total including travel)

    Any number of Dental Implants with a temporary solution or cosmetic treatment: 5 full days (7 days total including travel)


    Second Visit:


    Single Implant Crown: 5 full days (or 6 full days if no healing cap was fitted on the first visit (7 days total including travel)


    Implant Bridge(s): 9 full days (11 days total including travel)


    Full Reconstruction or Full Arch Bridge for a single jaw (All-On-6): 11 full days (13 days total including travel)


    All-on-4® for single jaw or both jaws: 7 full days (9 days total including travel)


    The timeframes outlined ensure that your dental implant treatment in Turkey is thorough and efficient, allowing you to combine essential dental care with a comfortable and enjoyable stay in Turkey. By understanding these details, you can plan your trips effectively and ensure a seamless treatment experience.


    Please note: if there is to be bone grafting and/ or sinus lifting, this may require additional appointments. In cases of severe bone loss necessitating extensive bone grafting, there may be the need for an additional, third visit to Turkey to allow for the bone grafting to heal before implants are placed. This can only be determined by the application and review of a 3D scan, and confirmed by your oral surgeon during the consultation in the clinic itself.


    If you’ve got questions about your dental implant treatment in turkey, please get in touch.