How much is Invisalign® in Turkey?

    As the popularity of Invisalign's invisible aligning method continues to grow, an increasing number of people are exploring the possibility of receiving Invisalign® abroad. Attracted by more affordable prices and the opportunity to combine treatment with a holiday in Turkey. This growing trend brings several key considerations into focus, including understanding cost variations and evaluating the quality of dental care in Turkey.

    While Turkey is well-known for its cost-effective dental treatments, but it's crucial to navigate all options with a well-informed perspective. Not all clinics are the same, not all clinics are registered or registering you as a patient and not all clinics are offering the official Invisalign® product. This blog post is designed to guide you through all considerations, from a detailed price comparison to an exploration of the high standards of dental care provided by DCT Clinics in Turkey. Both of which offer highly experienced is the highest standard, equal or superior to most dental clinics in the UK, USA and Europe, ensuring you're equipped with all the necessary information to make an informed decision.

    Table of Contents

    1. Choosing the Official Invisalign®️ Brand and Provider

    2. Understanding Your Invisalign®️ Package Options

    3. The Crucial Role of Aftercare in Maintaining Straight Teeth

    Choosing the Official Invisalign® Brand and Provider


    Step 1: Research the offering and ensure you are actually getting Invisalign®


    Before you commit to treatment, take some time to research what you are actually getting. There is an abundance of clear alignment solutions available on the market. As demand grows, there more and more clear alignment companies coming to the market, some of which are regulated and others not. Recently, the bankruptcy of Smile Direct club hit the news after the DIY aligner model was reportedly unsuccessful, leaving 2 million users of Smile Direct Club out in the cold. 


    Invisalign® offers a patient centric consultation process and the added benefit of the latest iTero digital scanning technology. Established in 1997, Invisalign® has built a solid global reputation for excellence through decades of successful patient outcomes, over 16 million smiles in fact! This experience coupled with a healthy balance sheet demonstrates Invisalign® are the clear industry leader when it comes to clear aligners. Choosing a reputable, established brand guarantees a satisfactory outcome. 


    By seamlessly integrating the latest iTero technology with Invisalign’s personalised care and thorough planning, DCT clinics elevate the journey towards a straighter smile, from simple straightening to more complex misalignment issues, you’ll find the experience transformative. The combination of advanced technology and a treatment plan that’s tailored to your individual needs, ensures every aspect of your smile journey is considered.


    DCT clinics only offer Invisalign® as their clear alignment solution of choice. Each of the VIP dental clinics in Turkey are an official representative of Invisalign®. Crafting your journey to a perfect smile can be completed in just three short visits with the supervision of both an Orthodontist and a Cosmetic Dentist.


    Invisalign® transforms orthodontic treatment with clear, custom-made aligners using advanced 3D iTero scanning. Replaced around every 10 days, the suggested number of clear aligners gently reposition misaligned teeth, offering effective, quick, and discreet straightening compared to traditional braces and their alternatives.


    Precise 3D Impressions: iTero® creates accurate dental impressions comfortably and quickly, moving away from old fashioned and uncomfortable impression moulding methods.

    Immediate Visualisation: iTero® allows you to see how your teeth can look after treatment with the integrated Invisalign® Outcome Simulator and TimeLapseTM technology.

    Enhanced Treatment Planning: iTero® allows Dentists and patients to plan and track the treatment process, providing a clear comparison of current and projected teeth alignment.


    Step 2: Search who is tracking your progress, or if they are at all? 


    When choosing a clear alignment provider in Turkey, it is crucial to research not just the brand of alignment solution offered, but also the qualifications of the practitioners, their method of monitoring treatment progress, and the clinic's overall history and reputation.


    The role of a qualified Orthodontist and Cosmetic Dentist is crucial. They not only aim for aesthetically pleasing results but also ensure healthy dental outcomes. Invisalign® specialists leverage iTero® technology to customise treatment plans according to each patient's unique dental structure, combining technological innovation with personalised care. For a deeper understanding of the critical role professional oversight plays in Invisalign® treatment, we suggest taking a look at our blog post, 'The Truth Behind Smile Direct Club's DIY Invisalign Kit.' It serves as an eye-opening example of the dangers that can arise from a lack of professional oversight. 


    At DCT Clinic, during your in-depth consultation you'll have the opportunity to co-create your smile design with a Cosmetic Dentist. Your Orthodontist will be tracking the progress of your Invisalign® treatment throughout your alignment journey. By simply uploading your progress photos to your My Invisalign® app, your Orthodontist will be able to track your treatment accurately. This interactive element ensures that you remain aligned with your treatment goals every step of the way.


    Step 3: Assess Clinic Credibility – History Checks and Patient Reviews

    Verify a clinic's credibility and history by reviewing their social media and online reviews on Trustpilot or Google. This will offer insights into patient satisfaction and success rates, ensuring a 5-star experience.

    Additionally, evaluate the provider's financial stability and the transparency and reliability of their guarantees. Investigate whether all costs are clearly outlined and if they offer comprehensive options for travel arrangements. 

    Avoid clinics that offer Cash Only Discounts. Cash only discounts raise a red flag in any business, but in healthcare it is a big No No! Click to read more about the scam surrounding cash discounts in Turkish dental clinics.



    What factors influence the success of Invisalign® treatment?


    Selecting the Right Package


    To initiate your Invisalign® journey, start by sending your dental photos to the team in Turkey. Based on these, they'll offer preliminary recommendations tailored to your goals, such as bite alignment and teeth straightening, while considering your current dental state. Upon your arrival at the clinic, a thorough oral examination, including necessary dental scans and the iTero scanning, will be carried out. These steps ensure you receive the most appropriate treatment plan to ensure the best outcome. You'll also learn about the costs, the treatment process & duration, along with the aftercare details.


    Understanding Your Invisalign® Package Options 


    Invisalign® treatment offers a fast, versatile solution for a range of dental alignment needs. It's ideal for minimal corrections with Invisalign® Express, providing quick results with up to 7 aligners. Invisalign® Lite, with up to 14 aligners, suits minor alignment issues, while Invisalign® Moderate, including up to 20 aligners, addresses more complex alignment issues. As a modern alternative to metal braces, Invisalign® combines comfort and invisibility, using advanced technology for effective and speedy treatment, catering to various orthodontic needs.

    Renowned for balancing quality with affordability, the VIP clinics offer Invisalign® treatment with prices that adapt to various dental alignment needs, with packages ranging from £1,495 to £4,100 per jaw. 


    Tailored to be the perfect fit, Invisalign® options start from just £4.09 per day. Yet, its value extends far beyond mere numbers. This investment is about boosting your self-esteem and confidently presenting your smile. 


    Further information related to Invisalign® is below:

    Invisalign® clear aligners, made of SmartTrack material, offer enhanced comfort and precision. This state-of-the-art material enables effective teeth straightening, affording you the freedom to conduct your daily routine without others noticing throughout your treatment process. Known globally to be the best clear alignment solution in the market, Invisalign® are responsible for realigning 16 million smiles and counting.

    1. Invisalign® Express is the best choice for those who require minimal alignment corrections. This package is streamlined to address fewer complex issues, allowing for a swift and efficient treatment process. It is the ideal solution for patients who need only minor adjustments for an improved smile. With Invisalign® Express, featuring up to 7 aligners, you can expect a short journey to smile alignment. 


    2. Invisalign® Lite is designed for individuals with minor alignment issues, very mild spacing and crowding, or those requiring slight bite amendments. It is the ideal solution for patients who aim to make singular or combined adjustments to their smile. Given the modest level of adjustments needed, the Invisalign® Lite treatment typically involves up to 14 aligners, providing a perfect choice for those in need of minor dental corrections.


    3. Invisalign® Moderate is designed for patients with more complex alignment issues, effectively addressing spacing, crowding, and bite irregularities. This treatment includes up to 20 aligners and offers a comprehensive approach to dental alignment. It serves as the ideal solution for those who require significant adjustments to their smile but do not need an extensive orthodontic procedure and do not want metal braces.


    Optimising Your Results: The Crucial Role of Aftercare in Maintaining Straight Teeth


    To ensure the success of your Invisalign® treatment, it's essential to follow through with Invisalign’s recommended aftercare. This includes strictly adhering to the wear schedule prescribed by your dental professional, diligently maintaining your aligners, and regularly monitoring your progress with regular photo updates your My Invisalign® app. These steps are vital in achieving the results you desire on your journey to a better smile. 


    Additionally, taking care of any attachments and following post-treatment instructions, including the use of your ViveraTM retainer, ensure the longevity of your results. Remember, the journey to a straight smile doesn't end with the last aligner; it continues with careful aftercare and the use of your ViveraTM retainer. 


    In conclusion, choosing the right Invisalign® provider in Turkey is a decision that affects not just your smile, but your overall dental health. Research thoroughly and select a provider that combines reputable technology with expert orthodontic care and if you want Invisalign®, make sure it’s Invisalign® you’re getting. For more information regarding Invisalign® in Turkey or to schedule a consultation, get in touch.