Will A UK Dentist Treat Turkey Teeth?

    When deciding to have treatment abroad due to affordable prices, it's crucial to assess the capabilities of a dental provider and analyse real patient reviews online to choose the best dental clinic in Turkey. This research not only ensures a stunning smile but also guarantees its lasting beauty. The good news is, upon your return to the UK, maintaining your overall oral health and keeping up with regular check-ups is entirely feasible. In this post, we'll explore the reasons why and reassure you about the availability of dental care once you're back home.

    1.  NHS-Approved Dental Tourism: Choosing Your Dental Clinic Abroad


    •  Global Trend: Dental tourism is a growing trend, with individuals globally opting for high-quality yet affordable dental care outside their home country. 
    •  Why Turkey: Turkey is a top destination for dental tourism due to lower living expenses, construction costs and Dentist salaries when compared to countries such as the UK and the USA.
    •  Ensuring Quality: Not every clinic abroad offers the same level of quality. To ensure you receive both excellent dental care and value for money, please check the blog post: "What You Need to Know if You Are Travelling to Turkey for Cosmetic Treatment." and review how DCT clinics in Turkey adhere to the "Treatment Abroad Checklist" recommended by the NHS.

    2. Finding a Dentist in the UK: Aftercare and Emergency Guidelines in the UK


    • Aftercare in the UK: High numbers of patients are now travelling abroad for their dental treatment and in many cases, if patients express the costs in their home country are beyond what they can afford, they are being advised to check overseas, with many local dentists now recommending Turkey as a tourism destination. Thousands of UK residents who have had dental procedures in Turkey have successfully found local dentists who are happy to follow up with their dental care. This includes both routine and essential services like annual check-ups, X-rays, and hygiene appointments. Remarkably, there hasn't been a single instance where a patient has reported issues finding a UK dentist following their treatment in Turkey.


    • Emergency Care Guidelines: In situations that require emergency dental care, the guidelines of the British Dental Association and the NHS come into play. These guidelines categorically prohibit any refusal of treatment based on the patient having undergone dental procedures abroad. This is a significant assurance for those considering dental treatments outside of the UK.


    Key points for emergency care include:

    • Prohibition of refusal of treatment for patients treated abroad.
    • Protection for registered patients against unsubstantial refusal of care. The fact that a patient had a dental treatment in Turkey does not qualify as a sufficient reason for refusal. This effectively ensures that your ongoing dental care remains uninterrupted, irrespective of where your initial treatment was performed.


    Seeking a Local Dentist?


    To ensure continuity and the quality of treatment, thoroughly research a number of dental clinics in Turkey and select a clinic who aligns with your specific dental care needs.


    Remember, opting for dental treatment abroad doesn't mean compromising your oral health once you return home to the UK. With a supportive and understanding dental community, established legal protections, and the robust support of the NHS, you can confidently pursue dental treatment abroad, knowing that maintaining your oral health in the UK is both feasible and accessible.



    •  Always keep comprehensive records of any treatments received abroad.
    •  Communicate openly with your Dentist in the UK for the best continuity of dental care.
    •  Your dental records are your property, and you cannot be refused them; this includes all X-rays and scans.


    Disclaimer: This blog post is purely for informational purposes and does not replace professional dental advice. Always consult with your dentist or healthcare provider for individual advice and treatment.


    Considering dental treatment in Turkey?


    Keep in mind, your dental health journey doesn’t end with the treatment. Oral health is a lifelong commitment. Ready to take the next step? Contact us for guidance and support on your dental journey.