Send us your dental photographs

    Send your dental pictures to Dental Centre Turkey | Dentist in Turkey to get a quote tailored to your dental needs

    Dental photographs can be taken using a mobile phone or digital camera. For the best possible quote, please see the photograph angles below as a guide.


    Ideally, we need 3 photographs of your teeth showing your natural bite with your upper jaw naturally closed over your lower jaw. One from the front angle and two more (one from right side and one from left side). If you can take a further 4 photographs with your mouth open showing your back teeth, two of the upper jaw (right and left side) and two of the lower jaw (right and left side). 


    If you have already been in contact with us, please reply to our last communication attaching your dental photographs. If you have not yet been in contact with us, please email your dental photographs along with your enquiry to: [email protected]



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    dental centre turkey wide view
    Dentist in Antalya - Dental Centre Turkey
    fethiye dental centre outside
    Dentist in Fethiye - Dental Centre Turkey