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    On-site Laboratory, Design Hub and Ceramist Studio

    In terms of quality there are many things to consider in addition to the material type. The VIP clinics in Antalya and Fethiye are considered to be the best equipped and staffed in Turkey and are classed as ‘Dental Centres’, being fully licensed and regulated by the Turkish Ministry of Health. Dental Centres are held to a much higher standard than a usual dental clinic with one of the main advantages being the permission given for a full on-site clinic laboratory and the direct employment of fully qualified Dental Technicians. Many clinics now claim to have Smile Design and a CAD/ CAM machine, but they cannot be used in a laboratory environment and they are unable to employ Dental Technicians. If you are in any doubt of the legal entity providing the dental treatment, please do not accept the name written on the website but ask for the full registered clinic name. In Turkey, the name will either include the term Poliklinik (which is a standard licensed dental clinic) or diş sağlığı merkezi (which is a fully licensed Dental Centre). This will allow you to assess the real services which can be offered.

    The VIP Dental Centres employ an on-site team of 18 qualified Dental Technicians of exemplary experience and the laboratories themselves are home to some of the most sophisticated dental technology available worldwide. Being a Dental Centre enables each VIP clinic to exercise full control over the quality of products and materials used in the provision of dental treatment as the clinic does not need to use an external laboratory over which they have very little control. When considering where to have your dental treatment it is important to remember that a Dentist is generally only involved in the preparation of teeth to receive a restoration, which is only a small part of the entire treatment. The fabrication of individually designed restorations to suit the patient’s needs in terms of accuracy of fit, function and aesthetics, is the job of a fully qualified and highly skilled Dental Technician.

    All of the Premium options below are designed and crafted in the VIP clinic’s on-site laboratory, design hub and ceramist studio. Patients are welcome to visit the clinic laboratory and watch the fabrication of their new smile. Following your consultation, the Dental Technicians will prepare your new smile design on the CAD CAM Computer System and you have an opportunity to review the design in the clinic’s in-house Design Hub, requesting changes according to your preference of tooth shape or smile design. You can bring a reference photograph or picture of a smile that you like, and the Dental Technicians can replicate the design. If you are unsure which design is most suitable for you, the Cosmetic Dentists and Dental Technicians have a wealth of experience and will create a bespoke design that suits your mouth and face shape. Following your visit to the clinic’s design hub, once you are happy with the tooth/ smile design the Dental Technicians then get to work, crafting your restorations in the clinic’s on-site laboratory and ceramist studio.

    The VIP Dental Centres have the premium porcelain blocks, technology and Dental Technicians on the premises therefore they do not have to cover the cost of outside laboratory fees and there is no compromise on quality. The clinics have their own fully staffed on-site design hubs, laboratories and ceramist studios. Having these dedicated facilities on-site means the Dental Centres are able to fabricate Crowns using the premium materials and technologies to an exemplary standard and without the need for an outside laboratory to complete any aspect of the procedure, saving time and ensuring fantastic results.


    E.MAX© Crowns (Premium Selection)

    E.max© Crowns are a type of all-ceramic Crown with an appealing translucent colour, which is combined with extra strength and durability. This Crown is made from a single block of lithium ceramic: this is a top-grade material, which has been harvested for its toughness and durability. E.max© has a highly attractive appearance ensuring it complements the rest of your teeth making it a highly prized Crown. It is a glass ceramic Crown which is tough and enduring (2.5 times the strength of CEREC® ceramic Crowns) but delicate in appearance. An E.max© Crown is considered to be among the best materials due to its strength, it requires less tooth preparation compared to some other types. E.max© Crowns are crafted from pure ceramic blocks, which are available in every shade including Hollywood white. If you require a single E.max© Crown to restore a worn or broken tooth, the Dental Technicians can also apply shading, so your new Crown is in keeping with your surrounding teeth. In these cases, it is impossible to spot which is the Crown and which is your natural teeth.

    Due to their ever-growing reputation for excellence in the field of cosmetic dentistry and service, the VIP clinics have been officially recognised as the largest provider of e.max®️ restorations in Turkey, as certified by Ivoclar Vivadent themselves (the original manufacturer of e.max®️).

    DCT White®️ Crowns (Premium Selection)

    DCT White®️ is crafted from specially selected pure zirconium and presented in its purest form. Designed and fabricated in the clinic’s on-site laboratory using Sirona Smile Design and CAD/ CAM technology. Each restoration is provided with flawless precision for that perfect end-result. Following the CAD/CAM fabrication process, the pure white restorations are highly polished by hand in the clinic’s ceramist studio until an exceptional brightness and shine is achieved. DCT White®️ is available with both a smooth or textured presentation to emulate a natural tooth surface or provide the ultimate Hollywood Smile.


    DCT White®️ is available in a single shade that surpasses the whiteness of BL1, the whitest tooth colour available on the global colour chart. If you are seeking the ultimate Hollywood Smile Makeover, DCT White®️ will deliver the optimum results. Unlike other materials, the unique properties of this restoration allow for superior concealing of the underlying tooth colour regardless of natural shades or staining.

    DCT White®️ is exclusively available in the VIP clinics. Please be aware that DCT White®️ is not available in any other clinics.


    Celtra®️ Duo Crowns (Premium Selection)

    Celtra®️ Duo is one of the very latest materials available from Sirona and is ideal for a natural looking Smile Makeover. Celtra®️ Duo is a patented zirconia-reinforced lithium silicate restoration that has an excellent durability and high chip-resistance level, along with an entirely unique composition which allows for an appealing translucency and light conductivity unlike other restorations.


    The superior optical qualities of Celtra®️ Duo in combination with the skills of the Dental Technicians provides for a dental restoration which is nearly impossible to distinguish from a biological tooth as this innovative material emulates the appearance of natural tooth enamel. If you require a single Celtra®️ Duo restoration to restore a worn or broken tooth, the aesthetics ensure your new restoration is in keeping with your surrounding teeth. In these cases, it is impossible to spot the restoration from your natural teeth.


    In essence, Celtra®️ Duo is a perfect choice for those patients who are seeking a Smile Makeover which is natural in its appearance.

    If you are considering Dental Crowns in Turkey please get in touch with us today for more information.

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