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Dental Crowns-Full Veneers

Crowns are recommended to cover teeth that are damaged, broken or worn down. In some cases where your existing teeth are abnormally shaped or you are unhappy with the general appearance of them they can be recommended for a smile makeover.
Teeth which are broken or misshaped. Crowns can be sculptured to match your existing teeth and close gaps to create a new smile makeover.

  TIMESCALE 3-5 Days

Dental Crowns 
Dental Crowns are also considered to be a full Dental Veneer, covering the tooth 360 degrees. Crowns are recommended to cover teeth that are damaged, broken, or worn down. In some cases where your existing teeth are abnormally shaped or worn Crowns are recommended for a smile makeover. Crowns enable the dentists to amend the shape of your tooth completely, adjustments that are sometimes beyond the capability of a Laminate Veneer. Crowns can be sculptured to match your existing teeth, close gaps (bridge work), or create a new smile makeover. They have a longer life span when compared to other dental treatments such as Lumineers. Dental Crowns can be aesthetically fabricated to reflect “light” like natural teeth, and mimic the shape, size and colour of the surrounding teeth. Dental Crowns will also protect your tooth underneath, preserving your natural tooth and gums for a longer period of time.

Dental Crowns can be used in order to achieve a cosmetic result that goes beyond the dental area. Patients report that the results can be seen throughout the facial region, plumping the cheeks, lips and smoothing out lines around the mouth itself, lending a more youthful and refreshed look to the entire face. The Dental Crowns are often employed to great effect to accomplish Smile Makeovers and Dental Facelifts.

If you are considering Dental Crowns in Turkey please get in touch with us today for more information.

Metal Porcelain Crowns (PFM)

Metal Porcelain Crowns also known as PFM are the product of a marriage between porcelain and metal Crowns. They are hard-wearing and cosmetically sound, but are not suitable for all people or all positions within the dental area. The core of the Crown itself is usually made from a nickel based grey metal with an overlay of white porcelain fused to the outside in order to give a white natural and tooth like appearance. Unfortunately, even though considered to be very durable, should your gums recede over time you may see a black line along the top of your gum line when you smile. If you choose Metal Porcelain Crowns it is recommended that you replace them after 6-7 years to maintain the health of your teeth and gums. They are most suitable for use on the side or back teeth and for use over Dental Implants.

All Metal Porcelain Crowns provided by the clinics in Antalya, Fethiye, Istanbul and Marmaris are crafted in laboratories known for dental excellence and accuracy. It is important to remember, the skills of the Cosmetic Dentist is only one aspect of your treatment. The quality of the Crowns themselves, combined with the skills of the Dental Technician is also vitally important to ensure a good end result.
Zirconium Porcelain Crowns (Zirconia)

Some years ago Cubic Zirconia was all over the news as the latest material being used to simulate diamonds. It is the same base substance of Zirconium Dioxide, in its white crystalline form that is used in the creation of Zirconium Crowns. Zirconium Porcelain Crowns are incredibly tough, extremely durable and aesthetically pleasing. Zirconium Porcelain Crowns consist of a pure white metal core (a permanent white metal) with porcelain fused to the outside, creating the look of a natural tooth. In some cases Crowns are created from 100% Zirconium without the need for Porcelain. The positive to this type of Crown is that you will never see a black line should your gums recede over time. The Crown will always appear white at the gum line. The tooth has a much better transparency as the Crown is made up from 100% white materials. Zirconium Porcelain Crowns are also a healthy option compared to Metal Porcelain, as they are free from Nickel. The look is more aesthetically pleasing when you smile and therefore Zirconium/ Porcelain Crowns are recommended for your front teeth (8 upper/ 8 lower) or the number of teeth that are shown along your smile line.

All the clinics’ Zirconium Porcelain Crowns are crafted from A grade Zirconium in laboratories known for dental excellence and accuracy. It is important to remember, the skills of the Cosmetic Dentist is only one aspect of your treatment. The quality of the Crowns themselves, combined with the skills of the Dental Technician is also vitally important to ensure a good end result. In all cases, the laboratories use only the very best materials that are sourced from across the globe.

How long do I need to travel for my Dental Crowns/ Full Veneers?

In relation to timescales, it is usually the case that patients travel for 7 days to allow 5 full days for the treatment itself discounting the flight arrival and departure days. During the 5 day period it is expected that you will have 3 dental appointments to complete your Crowns/ Full Veneers. In the case that you are planning Celtra Duo or DCT White® Crowns/ Full Veneers using CAD CAM Technology the clinic may be able to complete your treatment in less time. In these cases, the travel time is recommended based on the number of Crowns/ Full Veneers required. In all quotations, the recommended travel time will be confirmed.

I have a missing tooth. Can I have Crowns/ Full Veneers?

If you have a missing tooth or several teeth missing along the same row and you have a tooth on each side of the gap the Dentists can create a Dental Bridge using a unit of Dental Crowns/ Full Veneers. The Bridge is fixed in place to the teeth on each side of the gap so it is a long-term solution that is easy to maintain with daily brushing. The gap will be closed and the teeth will appear as individual teeth. If you would like to see examples, please get in touch and we can send you plenty of before and after examples. 

What colours are available?

The VIP clinics have over 30 tooth colours available as per the vita colour shade chart which is a universal tooth shading system. The whitest shade available is Hollywood White also known as BL1. The clnic offers DCT White® which is available in a single shade that surpasses BL1, creating the ultimate Hollywood Smile. The clinics have all shade available ranging from Hollywood white to natural white to yellow and even brown. Hollywood White and Natural White are the most popular choices in the case of a Smile Makeover or a Dental Facelift. If you are planning Cosmetic Dentistry for a single tooth or only a few teeth the Dental Technicians will match the colour of your new Crowns/ Full Veneers to the colour of your surrounding teeth. If you would like an overall brighter, whiter smile the Dentists can also apply Professional Teeth Whitening with laser to your surrounding teeth before your colour selection. Some patients like the fake look whilst other patients prefer a natural finish. In all cases, all options are discussed in detail during your consultation and the end decision is yours as to which colour you prefer. Eye, skin and hair colour should all be considered when choosing the most appropriate shade depending on the end result you would like to achieve. If there is a need to match a single Crown/ Full Veneer or a few Crowns/ Full Veneers to your surrounding teeth the Dental Technicians can also apply detailed tooth shading or shade layering to the interior or exterior porcelain layer ensuring the colour is ever so slightly graduated down the tooth with a slightly darker colour along the gum line, similar to that of a natural tooth. Examples of various tooth colours can also be provided upon request.

How long do Crowns/ Full Veneers last?

In the case of Dental Crowns/Full Veneers the guarantee is for a term of 5 years from the completion of the dental treatment however in reality they should last 15-20 years if good oral hygiene and health is maintained. The clinics have had patients visit to replace old Crowns/ Full Veneers that were placed over 35 years ago!

What about my Guarantee?

Many patients choosing to travel abroad for dental treatment often overlook the dental guarantee. Equally, many clinics do not show the terms and conditions of the guarantee they are offering. Globally, it is not a legal requirement for a dental clinic to provide any form of guarantee. As this is so it is something that should be asked before booking your treatment, as many dental clinics do not offer any form of guarantee. A simple note stating a treatment comes with a 2-year or 5-year guarantee explains little or nothing in terms of what is actually covered. Dental Centre Turkey prides itself on ensuring patients are provided by the local clinic, with a transparent dental guarantee showing the full details of the guarantee terms and conditions, which are written in a language that is easy to understand.

Take a look at the full Guarantee details on the following link: Guarantee

Why should I have my Dental Crowns/ Full Veneers in Turkey?

The VIP clinics in Antalya and Fethiye are classed as ‘Dental Centres’ and are fully licensed and regulated by the Turkish Ministry of Health. Dental Centres are held to a higher standard than a standard dental clinic. Many clinics now use the term VIP or Dental Centre but there are no additional services or facilities on site and no registration as a Dental Centre to warrant the use of the term. Legitimate Dental Centres are allowed to provide a much larger range of services and facilities than an ordinary policlinic or boutique clinic. If in doubt, patients should ask for the full registered clinic name. The name will either include the term Poliklinik (which is a standard dental clinic) or diş sağlığı merkezi (which is a Dental Centre). Essentially, most dental clinics in Turkey, such as those that describe themselves as boutique clinics or licensed as polikliniks, are relatively small and are not legally able to provide the services that a Dental Centre is licensed to provide. One of the added advantages of a licensed Dental Centre, is the addition of a full on-site clinic laboratory, equipped with qualified Dental Technicians of exemplary experience. The on-site laboratories currently employ a total of 12 qualified Dental Technicians to design and fabricate dental restorations such as Veneers and Crowns. Being a Dental Centre enables the clinic to exercise full control over the quality of products used in the provision of dental treatment, and also ensures that the highest level of skill is used to fabricate the restorations. When considering where to have your dental treatment, it is important to remember that a Dentist is generally only involved in the preparation of teeth to receive a restoration, or to complete cosmetic or restorative dentistry, which is only one part of the entire treatment. The fabrication of individually designed restorations to suit the patient’s needs and in terms of accuracy of fit, function and aesthetics, is the job of a fully qualified and highly skilled Dental Technician. Your local Dentist may have experience of Cosmetic Dentistry but in most cases this experience is limited and only a few Crowns/ Full Veneers are placed each week. The VIP clinics manufacture and place over 1200 Crowns/ Full Veneers each week and have made a huge investment in the acquisition of specialised 3D CAD/CAM technology. This ensures you are in full control of your desired end result in terms of both tooth shape and smile design. Affording treatment in a clinic with this level of skills and technology locally is outside of the reach of most pockets. The patients choose these clinics for their Cosmetic Dentistry as they have a proven track record of providing high quality dentistry with optimum results.

Does the clinic charge for the removal of existing Crowns/ Full Veneers?

Unlike many clinics, the VIP clinics do not charge for the removal of existing Crowns/ Full Veneers and the process is very simple, they remove the Crown/Full Veneer, clean the natural tooth and create a new Crown/ Full Veneer.

Will the procedure hurt?

Dental Crowns/ Full Veneers is a cosmetic dental treatment and not a surgical procedure. As such is not considered to be too invasive. In all cases your treatment is effected with local anaesthetic which numbs the area so that you will not feel the treatment.

What will happen on each dental appointment?

On your initial appointment, you will undergo a full consultation in the clinic itself and they will take a Panoramic X-Ray to check the condition of the teeth under your gum line. Following your consultation, the Dentists will usually prepare your teeth before taking your dental impressions. Temporary teeth will be provided before you leave the clinic so you can continue with daily life until you return a few days later for a trial fitting. At your next appointment, the Dentists will make a trial fitting of the Dental Crown/ Full Veneer and check if adjustments need to be made before the teeth are returned to the laboratory for the porcelain to be applied or final preparations to be made. On your final appointment, the new Crowns/ Full Veneers will be cemented into place. If you or the Cosmetic Dentist feels that further adjustments need to be made this can be done within 24 hours.

About Us
Dental Centre Turkey has years of experience in helping patients get the best possible treatment at the best possible price by travelling to Turkey for their dental treatment. Being the largest facilitator of dental treatment in Turkey, we have hundreds of reviews and in recent years we have facilitated dental treatment for thousands of patients to include many well-known TV personalities and other celebrities which is a great addition to our expanding portfolio.

Whether you wish to straighten crowded teeth, close a gap, improve the appearance of your smile line or replace teeth which are missing, it’s amazing how much can be done in a short space of time with the right dental team and technology. Browse our before and after gallery to take a look at the results achieved on a daily basis.

The independent licenced VIP clinics are registered ‘Dental Centres’ fully approved and regulated by the Turkish Ministry of Health. Licenced Dental Centres are certified to house a full on-site laboratory which enables the clinic to exercise full control over the quality of products used in the provision of dental treatment, ensuring the highest level of skill is used
to fabricate the restorations. The Dental Centres are home to some of the most sophisticated dental technology available worldwide and are staffed with fully qualified Dental Technicians of exemplary experience. The technology includes smile design software, in-clinic CAD/CAM milling machines, 3D Tomography and soft tissue lasers. Each VIP Dental Centre has a team of Cosmetic Dentists and Specialists who provide patients with restorative dentistry and the ever-popular Smile Makeover. Fully qualified Oral Surgeons who are skilled at more complex procedures such as Surgical Extractions, Dental Implants, Sinus Lifting and Bone Grafting are on-site, ensuring no Dental Implant is placed by a general Dentist, and no dental surgery is performed by anyone other than a fully qualified Oral Surgeon.

The VIP Dental Centres have also been recognised as the largest provider of e.max restorations in Turkey, as certified by Ivoclar Vivadent themselves (the original manufacturer of e.max).

Each Dental Centre offers patients first class dental treatment in luxurious surroundings. Every part of the clinic space has been conceived with the patient’s wellbeing in mind, sensitively designed to provide patients with a tranquil luxurious environment. With multiple relaxation areas and spacious treatment rooms offering a sense of opulence, patients are offered a calm and comfortable environment as soon as they walk through the door. Each clinic features a fully serviced on-site refreshment centre, under the Freshpegs® brand, offering individually crafted beverages, available exclusively for guests of Dental Centre Turkey. Every effort has been made to ensure each clinic offers patients a dental appointment unlike no other.

If you are unsure of where to travel, we can guide you to the most appropriate clinic according to the treatment you are planning and the dates you are available to travel. You can either arrange your own holiday and let us know which dates you would like to see the dentist or ask us to arrange the holiday for you. It's our job to make this easy for you - just as we have for thousands of patients across the globe.

Many people worry about hidden costs or charges when considering dental treatment abroad - let's face it, you're considering going to a country you may not know and to a Dentist you've never met, so that's bound to be a concern. Here at Dental Centre Turkey, we explain in great detail what your treatment is going to cost you, how many visits it will require to achieve the result you're looking for and we agree all this with you before you ever step foot on the plane. We call it our Black & White pricing policy and believe it is one of the contributing factors to our ongoing success and business growth. What we do has benefited thousands of patients over the years, saving them thousands of pounds.

As a holiday destination Turkey has been a long-standing favourite due to its sunny climate, stunning beaches, friendly people and superb resorts. The added advantage is that the Turkish Lira has a great value to the Pound, Euro or Dollar proving excellent value for money during your holiday.

At Dental Centre Turkey we believe in choice, you can arrange your own holiday and let us know which dates you would like to see the dentist or ask us to arrange the holiday for you. If you have never travelled to Turkey before we can quite literally organise your whole dental holiday. From your initial quotation, sourcing your flight tickets and hotel along with getting you to the Dental Centre to undergo your treatment and back to your hotel again. It's our job to make this easy for you - just as we already have for thousands of patients across the globe.

Being the largest facilitator of dental treatment in Turkey, we are known in the industry for our quick and professional response.Get in touch today to see how we can help you achieve the confident smile you've always wanted.
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