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    Lumineers Turkey - Prices, Process and Procedure

    dental lumineers in turkey

    Lumineers Turkey - Prices, Process and Procedure

    To cover the front surface of your tooth in order to enhance it’s cosmetic appearance in terms of shape and colour.

    Timescale : 5 Days


    Dental Lumineers are of such thinness they are often referred to as dental shells. Dental Lumineers are perfect in the case of wanting a smile makeover that requires a subtle amendments to your natural teeth in terms of shape and overall smile design. Dental Lumineers are about as thin as a contact lens and as such they usually require no preparation to your natural teeth. The clinic uses the best dental cement sourced from global leading suppliers of dentistry products which ensures the strongest bond is created between your tooth and the Lumineer. If you are happy with your overall smile design and you are planning minor amendments or a much whiter colour such as Hollywood white, Lumineers are the perfect form of Cosmetic Dentistry to achieve the result you are planning for. If you have teeth that protrude, are recessed, overcrowded or present excessive gaps or damage then the corrective amendment needed will defeat the capability of a Lumineer and another form of Cosmetic Dentistry such as Dental Veneers or Dental Crowns may be advised. You may wonder how a thin shell of porcelain can successfully withstand all of the wear and tear that it will be exposed to. Although Lumineers are exceptionally thin, when they are firmly bonded to and supported by your tooth, it creates a very strong and durable surface. With modern dentistry, Lumineers are able to provide you with an instant natural or Hollywood smile in just a few easy visits. E.max© Lumineers which are produced in the clinic itself using smile design technology is recommended. 


    E.MAX© Lumineers (Premium Selection)

    E.max© Lumineers are a type of all-ceramic Veneer with an appealing translucent colour, which is combined with extra strength and durability. This Lumineer is made from a single block of lithium ceramic: this is a top grade material, which has been harvested for its toughness and durability. E.max© has a highly attractive appearance ensuring they compliment the rest of your teeth and which makes it a highly prized Lumineer. It is a glass ceramic Lumineer which is tough and enduring but delicate in appearance. The advantage of an E.max© Lumineer is that it is considered to be the best match with your own natural teeth. E.max© is one of the strongest dental materials, therefore it is long lasting and unlikely to crack or fracture when compared too many other types of Lumineers. E.max© Lumineers are crafted from a pure ceramic block, which are available in every shade including Hollywood white. If you require a single E.max© Lumineer to restore a single tooth, the dental Technicians can also apply shading so your new Lumineer is in keeping with your surrounding teeth. In these cases it is impossible to spot which is the Lumineer and which is your natural teeth.


    E.max© Lumineers are made with CAD CAM Technology (Premium Selection) in the dental clinic. 

    Following your consultation, the Technicians prepare your new smile design on the CAD CAM Computer System and you have an opportunity to review the design and request changes according to your preference of tooth or smile shape. You can bring a reference photograph or picture of a smile that you like and they will copy the design. If you are unsure on which design is most suitable for you, the Cosmetic Dentists and Technicians have a wealth of experience and will create a bespoke design that suits your mouth and face shape. Once you are happy with the tooth/ smile design the Technicians then get to work, crafting your E.max© Lumineers.


    The VIP clinic in Antalya have the E.max© Porcelain blocks in its own clinic therefore they do not have to cover the cost of outside laboratory fees. The clinic has its own, on-site, dental ceramic studio fully equipped with all the relevant technology enabling them to create your Crowns in its own clinic using computer aided software and a CAD CAM machine that mills the Crowns. Having this dedicated studio means that they are able to fabricate Lumineers using the E.max© materials and technologies to an exemplary standard and without the need for an outside laboratory to complete any aspect of the procedure, saving you time and money. If you only need a few Lumineers they can be completed in a single day.  


    The clinic offers E.max© Lumineers as one of their premium selections. You will see high prices in your home country due to the reputation of the brand name and CAD CAM technology required. Premium dentistry brands such as E.max© should be available and affordable for every patient. With this in mind you will see that the clinic’s price for E.max© Lumineers is more than competitive and quality is never compromised.  


    The glass ceramic blocks themselves appear light purple in colour while they are in their softer form required for the CAD CAM machine to mill the Lumineer shape. During the final phase when the cut E.max© Lumineer is fired in the porcelain oven the purple colour changes to the appropriate white colour shade as the density of the material increases. 


    The advantage of E.max© Lumineers is that you only need a few dental appointments and the end result is a bespoke design approved by you before the Lumineers are crafted.  


    If you are considering Lumineers in Turkey please get in touch with us today for more information. 

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    How thin is a Lumineer?

    Lumineers are extremely thin (approximately 0.2mm). They are fine shells of porcelain that require no tooth preparation.

    How long do I need to travel for my Lumineers?

    In relation to timescales, it is usually the case that patients travel for 7 days to allow 5 full days for the treatment itself discounting the flight arrival and departure days. During the 5-day period it is expected that you will have 3 dental appointments to complete your Lumineers.

    What colours are available?

    The VIP clinics have over 30 tooth colours available as per the vita colour shade chart which is a universal tooth shading system. The whitest shade available on the vita chart is Hollywood White also known as BL1. The clinics have all shade available ranging from Hollywood white to natural white to yellow and even brown. Hollywood White and Natural White are the most popular choices in the case of a Smile Makeover or a Dental Facelift. If you are planning Cosmetic Dentistry for a single tooth or only a few teeth the Dentists will match the colour of your new Dental Lumineers to the colour of your surrounding teeth. If you would like an overall brighter, whiter smile we can also apply Professional Teeth Whitening with laser to your surrounding teeth before your colour selection. Some of the patients like the fake look whilst other patients prefer a natural finish. In all cases, all options are discussed in detail during your consultation and the end decision is yours as to which colour you prefer. Eye, skin and hair colour should all be considered when choosing the most appropriate shade depending on the end result you would like to achieve. If there is a need to match a single Dental Lumineer or a few Lumineers to your surrounding teeth the Dental Technicians can also apply detailed tooth shading or shade layering to the interior or exterior porcelain layer ensuring the colour is ever so slightly graduated down the tooth with a slightly darker colour along the gum line, similar to that of a natural tooth. Examples of various tooth colours can also be provided upon request.

    What about my Guarantee?

    Many patients choosing to travel abroad for dental treatment often overlook the dental guarantee. Equally, many clinics do not show the terms and conditions of the guarantee they are offering. Globally, it is not a legal requirement for a dental clinic to provide any form of guarantee. As this is so it is something that should be asked before booking your treatment, as many dental clinics do not offer any form of guarantee. A simple note stating a treatment comes with a 2-year or 5-year guarantee explains little or nothing in terms of what is actually covered. Dental Centre Turkey prides itself on ensuring patients are provided by the local clinic, with a transparent dental guarantee showing the full details of the guarantee terms and conditions, which are written in a language that is easy to understand.


    Take a look at the full Guarantee details on the following link: Guarantee

    Why should I have my Lumineers in Turkey?

    The VIP clinics in Antalya and Fethiye are classed as ‘Dental Centres’ and are fully licensed and regulated by the Turkish Ministry of Health. Dental Centres are held to a higher standard than a standard dental clinic. Many clinics now use the term VIP or Dental Centre but there are no additional services or facilities on site and no registration as a Dental Centre to warrant the use of the term. Legitimate Dental Centres are allowed to provide a much larger range of services and facilities than an ordinary policlinic or boutique clinic. If in doubt, patients should ask for the full registered clinic name. The name will either include the term Poliklinik (which is a standard dental clinic) or diş sağlığı merkezi (which is a Dental Centre). Essentially, most dental clinics in Turkey, such as those that describe themselves as boutique clinics or licensed as polikliniks, are relatively small and are not legally able to provide the services that a Dental Centre is licensed to provide. One of the added advantages of a licensed Dental Centre, is the addition of a full on-site clinic laboratory, equipped with qualified Dental Technicians of exemplary experience. The on-site laboratories currently employ a total of 12 qualified Dental Technicians to design and fabricate dental restorations such as Veneers and Crowns. Being a Dental Centre enables the clinic to exercise full control over the quality of products used in the provision of dental treatment, and also ensures that the highest level of skill is used to fabricate the restorations. When considering where to have your dental treatment, it is important to remember that a Dentist is generally only involved in the preparation of teeth to receive a restoration, or to complete cosmetic or restorative dentistry, which is only one part of the entire treatment. The fabrication of individually designed restorations to suit the patient’s needs and in terms of accuracy of fit, function and aesthetics, is the job of a fully qualified and highly skilled Dental Technician. Your local Dentist may have experience of Cosmetic Dentistry but in most cases this experience is limited and only a few Lumineers are placed each week. The clinics have made a huge investment in the acquisition of specialised 3D CAD/CAM technology. This ensures you are in full control of your desired end result in terms of both tooth shape and smile design. Affording treatment in a clinic with this level of skills and technology locally is outside of the reach of most pockets. The patients choose these clinics for their Cosmetic Dentistry as they have a proven track record of providing high quality dentistry with optimum results. 

    Will the procedure hurt?

    Lumineers require no natural tooth preparation and therefore no numbing injections are usually required and the procedure is considered to be pain free.

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