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    Gum Shield Turkey - Costs

    gum shield in turkey

    Gum Shield Turkey - Costs

    To preserve your smile line and protect against grinding and clenching when sleeping.

    Timescale : 2 Days


    Gum Shield

    The humble Gum Shield or Night Guard is possibly the most overlooked dental treatment and yet it is one of the most valuable prosthetics available, particularly for those patients that have had Smile Makeovers or Reconstructions with Dental Implants. A lot happens when we sleep, we clench and grind our teeth with many of us not even realising we do so; this can damage our natural teeth as well as your new smile. It is important to remember that you make a long-lasting investment in your smile. For a minimal sum, you can help in ensuring your teeth are looked after while you are asleep with a small investment in a Gum Shield. The Gum Shields are all bespoke, being tailor made and moulded to fit your mouth and are a great investment for the future preservation of your smile.  

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    How long in advance do I need to book my treatment?

    We usually ask for a minimum of a ten weeks notice before you plan to arrive in Turkey for your treatment, however we have been known to arrange dental treatment in much less time. The VIP clinics are larger than average and appropriately staffed and equipped to facilitate high quality treatments in a short time frame. If you are travelling to Turkey soon or you are already on your holiday, please contact us and we will do our very best to secure you an appointment. If you have not yet booked your holiday to Turkey, please contact us once you have some confirmed dates in mind before you proceed in making your flight and hotel reservations. We can assist with flights and accommodation if needed and provide advice in relation to all aspects of your travel.

    Do I need to make two visits? The first for my consultation and the second for my treatment.

    It is entirely your choice as to how many visits you would like to make to Turkey, however it will be more economical for you to make one visit for your consultation and subsequently your treatment in the same visit, should you wish to proceed.

    The timeframe needed for each of the treatments is shown on each treatment page. If you are planning multiple treatments or you would like to double check you can get in touch with us and we will advise accordingly and answer any other questions you may have. The timescale advised allows for both your consultation and the completion of your treatment. The usual process involves your first visit to include your consultation and the start of your treatment should you wish to proceed, which will allow plenty of time to complete your treatment before you return home.


    There is no charge for any aspect of the consultation to include Panoramic X-Rays and no pressure to proceed with treatment. If you would not like to proceed with treatment following your consultation, no charges will be made and you will be taken back to your hotel/ accommodation.

    Do you offer payment plans?

    We are unable to offer finance plans for patients where monthly payments are available, however an alternative option is for you to take a small personal loan from your bank to finance your dental treatment. The bank % APR is usually quite low, in fact, much lower than it would be through a dental provider so this is often a more smarter option to pay for your treatment.

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