Root Canal

    root canal treatment in turkey

    To restore or repair the health of a tooth where an infection is present or expected to occur.

    Timescale : 1 Day


    Root Canal Treatment

    Root Canal Treatment becomes necessary when the very interior of the affected tooth, the pulp, dies and/or becomes infected. Many patients fear Root Canal Treatment however thanks to modern Technology it is no more invasive than having a Dental Filling or a simple Descale & Polish. There are a number of causes, cavities that have been left open or recently broken teeth are just some of the reasons why the treatment is needed. If left untreated for any length of time the end result is inevitably an abscess which can spread the infection to the surrounding tissue beyond the tooth itself, even damaging bone and the neighbouring teeth. If left to progress then the only solution is a Tooth Extraction. Root Canal Treatment cleans the tooth root and removes any sign of infection from the tooth canals, therefore allowing you to keep your original tooth for a longer period of time. Following the Root Canal Treatment the appropriate material is used to close the tooth. In some cases if teeth are out of alignment and a Smile Makeover is planned the tooth may need to be prepared more than the adjacent teeth to ensure it can be brought back into alignment without any risk of future sensitivity. Modern materials and Technology mean that an excellent aesthetic result is achieved, whether the remaining tooth is filled or fitted with a Dental Crown.  


    Please Note: A single tooth can have one, two or three canals depending on the position of the tooth in your mouth. One or more canals may require treatment according to the tooth number and the results of your dental X-Ray.  


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