Smile Makeover in Turkey

Your smile says a lot about you and it is something that creates a lasting impression. Whether you are planning a natural Smile Makeover or a Hollywood Smile Makeover your vision of a perfect smile can be achieved using the latest in digital dentistry.  
To restore, repair or reshape your smile line in order to create a Hollywood smile or a natural end result.

Smile Makeover in Turkey 

Your smile says a lot about you and it is something that creates a lasting impression. The world of cosmetics is changing and with a focus on personal appearance, many people are now making self improvements thanks to affordable cosmetic treatments. The clinics in Antalya, Fethiye, Istanbul and Marmaris carryout more smile makeovers today than ever before. It is one of the categories within the field of Cosmetic Dentistry that they specialise in. In recent years they have been trusted to recreate the smiles of some well known TV personalities which is a great addition to the expanding portfolio.  

The clinics have a huge number of patients that request this treatment and subsequently travel to Turkey for a Smile Makeover, not just because the clinics are more affordable than their local dental clinic but also because they have more experience and achieve great results. If you have arrived at this page for any reason other than sheer curiosity, it is likely that there is an element to your current smile that you would prefer to be different or you plan to change. There are many reasons why people choose to undergo a Smile Makeover. The team understands that each of the patient’s motives and desires is different and no smile line is exactly the same. The clinics design the treatment plans around each individual’s needs and it is this commitment to personalised treatment that enables them to deliver superb results every time. The In-Clinic smile design software and on-site laboratories in the Antalya and Fethiye VIP clinics ensures both you and the clinic are in total control of the end result in relation to tooth size, shape and colour. Whether you are planning a natural Smile Makeover or a Hollywood Smile Makeover your vision of a perfect smile can be achieved using the latest in digital dentistry technology. You may be dissatisfied with the cosmetics of your teeth; the shape of individual teeth are not quite what you want them to be; the gaps between teeth may be considered bothersome or unsightly; there are a few chips; the smile line is uneven; issues of alignment are present; an overbite or underbite may be apparent; a tooth or teeth are missing; the presence of large fillings spoils the overall look or you are unhappy with your tooth colour and Professional Teeth Whitening is not providing the end result you desire. Perhaps you have just arrived at a point where you simply want to change the way your smile is to the smile you want it to be. Whatever the reason that has brought you to take action, all of these issues can be resolved with the application of a Smile Makeover. There are a number of ways in which a Smile Makeover can be achieved and again the appropriate treatment is entirely based on your individual dental situation. The clinics’ Smile Makeover procedure enables the Cosmetic Dentists and Dental Technicians to achieve superlative results and with first rate materials.

At this point it is appropriate to mention that all of the materials used for International Patients are of the highest quality and are sourced from global leaders in the field of dentistry products. The clinics’ patients in general have high expectations and those undergoing a Smile makeover even more so, and they aim to exceed those expectations at every turn.  

Please take a look at the Smile Makeover before and after gallery for a closer look at the results achieved on a daily basis.


Over 30 tooth colours are available ranging from Hollywood white to natural white. If you are looking for a completely natural finish tooth shading also can be applied in the clinics on-site laboratory.  

How long in advance do I need to book my treatment?

We usually ask for a minimum of a ten weeks notice before you plan to arrive in Turkey for your treatment, however we have been known to arrange dental treatment in much less time. The clinics are larger than average and appropriately staffed and equipped to facilitate high quality treatments in a short time frame. If you are travelling to Turkey soon or you are already on your holiday, please contact us and we will do our very best to secure you an appointment. If you have not yet booked your holiday to Turkey, please contact us once you have some confirmed dates in mind before you proceed in making your flight and hotel reservations. We can assist with flights and accommodation if needed and provide advice in relation to all aspects of your travel.

Do I need to make two visits? The first for my consultation and the second for my treatment.

It is entirely your choice as to how many visits you would like to make to Turkey, however it will be more economical for you to make one visit for your consultation and subsequently your treatment in the same visit, should you wish to proceed.

The timeframe needed for each of the treatments is shown on each treatment page. If you are planning multiple treatments or you would like to double check you can get in touch with us and we will advise accordingly and answer any other questions you may have. The timescale advised allows for both your consultation and the completion of your treatment. The usual process involves your first visit to include your consultation and the start of your treatment should you wish to proceed, which will allow plenty of time to complete your treatment before you return home.

There is no charge for any aspect of the consultation to include Panoramic X-Rays and no pressure to proceed with treatment. If you would not like to proceed with treatment following your consultation, no charges will be made and you will be taken back to your hotel/ accommodation.  

Do you offer payment plans?

We are unable to offer finance plans for the patients where monthly payments are available, however an alternative option is for you to take a small personal loan from your bank to finance your dental treatment. The bank % APR is usually quite low, in fact, much lower than it would be through a dental provider so this is often a more smarter option to pay for your treatment.

About Us

Dental Centre Turkey has years of experience in helping patients get the best possible treatment at the best possible price by travelling to Turkey for their dental treatment. Being the largest facilitator of dental treatment in Turkey, we have hundreds of reviews and in recent years we have facilitated dental treatment for thousands of patients to include many well-known TV personalities and other celebrities which is a great addition to our expanding portfolio.

Whether you wish to straighten crowded teeth, close a gap, improve the appearance of your smile line or replace teeth which are missing, it’s amazing how much can be done in a short space of time with the right dental team and technology. Browse our before and after gallery to take a look at the results achieved on a daily basis.

The independent licenced VIP clinics are registered ‘Dental Centres’ fully approved and regulated by the Turkish Ministry of Health. Licenced Dental Centres are certified to house a full on-site laboratory which enables the clinic to exercise full control over the quality of products used in the provision of dental treatment, ensuring the highest level of skill is used to fabricate the restorations. The Dental Centres are home to some of the most sophisticated dental technology available worldwide and are staffed with fully qualified Dental Technicians of exemplary experience. The technology includes smile design software, in-clinic CAD/CAM milling machines, 3D Tomography and soft tissue lasers. Each VIP Dental Centre has a team of Cosmetic Dentists and Specialists who provide patients with restorative dentistry and the ever-popular Smile Makeover. Fully qualified Oral Surgeons who are skilled at more complex procedures such as Surgical Extractions, Dental Implants, Sinus Lifting and Bone Grafting are on-site, ensuring no Dental Implant is placed by a general Dentist, and no dental surgery is performed by anyone other than a fully qualified Oral Surgeon.

The VIP Dental Centres have also been recognised as the largest provider of e.max restorations in Turkey, as certified by Ivoclar Vivadent themselves (the original manufacturer of e.max).

Each Dental Centre offers patients first class dental treatment in luxurious surroundings. Every part of the clinic space has been conceived with the patient’s wellbeing in mind, sensitively designed to provide patients with a tranquil luxurious environment. With multiple relaxation areas and spacious treatment rooms offering a sense of opulence, patients are offered a calm and comfortable environment as soon as they walk through the door. Each clinic features a fully serviced on-site refreshment centre, under the Freshpegs® brand, offering individually crafted beverages, available exclusively for guests of Dental Centre Turkey. Every effort has been made to ensure each clinic offers patients a dental appointment unlike no other.

If you are unsure of where to travel, we can guide you to the most appropriate clinic according to the treatment you are planning and the dates you are available to travel. You can either arrange your own holiday and let us know which dates you would like to see the dentist or ask us to arrange the holiday for you. It's our job to make this easy for you - just as we have for thousands of patients across the globe.

Many people worry about hidden costs or charges when considering dental treatment abroad - let's face it, you're considering going to a country you may not know and to a Dentist you've never met, so that's bound to be a concern. Here at Dental Centre Turkey, we explain in great detail what your treatment is going to cost you, how many visits it will require to achieve the result you're looking for and we agree all this with you before you ever step foot on the plane. We call it our Black & White pricing policy and believe it is one of the contributing factors to our ongoing success and business growth. What we do has benefited thousands of patients over the years, saving them thousands of pounds.

As a holiday destination Turkey has been a long-standing favourite due to its sunny climate, stunning beaches, friendly people and superb resorts. The added advantage is that the Turkish Lira has a great value to the Pound, Euro or Dollar proving excellent value for money during your holiday.

At Dental Centre Turkey we believe in choice, you can arrange your own holiday and let us know which dates you would like to see the dentist or ask us to arrange the holiday for you. If you have never travelled to Turkey before we can quite literally organise your whole dental holiday. From your initial quotation, sourcing your flight tickets and hotel along with getting you to the Dental Centre to undergo your treatment and back to your hotel again. It's our job to make this easy for you - just as we already have for thousands of patients across the globe.

Being the largest facilitator of dental treatment in Turkey, we are known in the industry for our quick and professional response. Get in touch today to see how we can help you achieve the confident smile you've always wanted.

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Who Are We ?

Dental Centre Turkey has grown to be the largest facilitator of dental services in Turkey to the international community.
Superior dental clinics in Antalya, Fethiye, Marmaris, Bodrum, Istanbul and Kusadasi

Superior dental clinics in 4 stunning locations along the Mediterranean coastline. Antalya, Fethiye, Marmaris and Istanbul.
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FDA Approved

The Dental Implants are approved by the FDA and come with a lifetime guarantee.
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Travel Plans

We can advise on every aspect of your travel including flights, hotels, airport transfers and specialist travel insurance.
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3D smile design software and CAD/ CAM technology enabling the dental professionals to provide any smile design and tooth shape. Only available in high-end clinics, this technology gives you full control of the end result.
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Both accurate and safe treatment planning by the use of sophisticated technology including Panoramic X-ray and 3D Tomographic scanning.
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