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    Invisalign®️ in Turkey

    With the use of removable clear aligners, Invisalign®️ offers daily comfort and near invisibility throughout your treatment journey to an aligned smile.

    Timescale : 16-35 Weeks


    What is Invisalign® treatment?

    Invisalign®, developed by Align Technology in 1997 in the USA, offers a modern twist on traditional braces with clear aligners. Utilising advanced 3D digital iTero scanning technology, Invisalign® involves the wearing of a series of clear aligners made from unique SmartTrack material. These aligners, which are replaced every ten days, are designed to progressively reposition teeth and see the results in a matter of weeks. Known for its effectiveness in a shorter period of time and its near-invisible nature, Invisalign has become an increasingly popular choice for those seeking to straighten their teeth without the obvious visibility of traditional metal braces. There are several Invisalign packages available, each tailored to a patient's unique dental situation and needs.


    How does Invisalign work? 

    Your Invisalign treatment begins with a detailed review of your teeth using a state-of-the-art 3D iTero scanner. During this initial step, you'll have the opportunity to discuss your smile goals with your dental professional. After this, the dental team will advise on the most suitable package for you alongside the expected treatment duration, and Invisalign® by Align Technology (USA) will custom-create your aligners.

    You will receive your first set of custom aligners on your second visit. Small button-like attachments are placed on specific teeth that require repositioning to ensure effective dental movement and fit. The aligners are designed to be worn for at least 22 hours daily and can be conveniently removed for eating, drinking, and oral hygiene. You should change each aligner after 10 days of wear. In the final stage, you will wear your last aligner for at least 6 weeks to ensure your teeth maintain their new positions. 

    Throughout your treatment, you should use the My Invisalign® app to upload progress photos. This not only helps you track your progress but also allows your dental team to ensure everything is moving according to plan.

    After completing the recommended treatment period, you will have a final control visit. If your results meet the initial expectations, you will transition to using the Vivera™ retainer only while sleeping. This helps maintain your new smile, marking the completion of your treatment journey.


    Key Advantages of Choosing Invisalign for Straightening Teeth 

    •    Virtually Invisible: Invisalign aligners are made from SmartTrack® material, offering a nearly invisible orthodontic solution that is far more discreet than traditional metal braces.

    •    Quick and Effective Results: Achieve a straighter smile efficiently, often with quicker results than traditional metal braces, thanks to the advanced technology and material used in Invisalign.

    •    Comfort and Convenience: These custom-made aligners are not only comfortable but also easily removable, facilitating better oral hygiene and ease of eating.

    •    Advanced Visualisation Technology: With iTero technology, Invisalign allows you to see your treatment's expected outcome from the beginning, ensuring a personalised and effective approach.

    For more information on Invisalign®️ Treatment in Turkey, please follow the link to our blog.


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